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  • Wider flat shoes – what's good these days?
  • oldeh

    id recommend the freerider elements. No sure about width, but they are comfortable and have already lasted me about a year of riding 2/3 times a week in all conditions and (when clean) look in good condition with little wear on the soles.

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    5Ten free riders are the one.

    Premier Icon ton

    the adidas shoes are narrow. sold a pair for this reason.
    five ten ascents for me now. wide, light comfy.

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    New flat shoe time.
    Shimano last me years, but are really too narrow and cause a bit of discomfort.

    The 5 10 Freerider Pro look quite decent and fit well.
    Do 5 10 still use cardboard in the construction?
    Not interested if so.

    Giro Jacket and 2FO both look good, so will be trying some locally.

    Any opinions on longevity?
    Shimano flat shoes usually last me for years.

    Quite fancied the Adidas Terrex but they only seem to do a ‘light’ version now.

    Ta in advance.

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    Adidas do the Trailcross but as above, they aren’t the widest.
    What are the ‘lites’ that you are referring to?

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    I have the trailcross and they are wider than I expected, I have to really pull the laces down hard to stop my feet moving around in them. Then again I have narrow feet and always like standard shimanos for this reason.

    2FO are nice and wide, good shape/protection around the toes as well.

    Not quite as grippy as Freeriders, but I actually prefer that. Also dry out in under a fortnight. 😉

    Got these last week, two rides in, not really noticing them any more.


    Light, but the high top will (in theory) keep out a bit more of the wet. They’re supposed to repel water as opposed to actual waterproofing.

    Reviews were really good, happy with them so far. Don’t find them narrow, if anything they were a little loose until I tightened the laces a little.

    ” the Trailcross Protect is superb, if not the best flat pedal option to date”


    “In my opinion, these are the best flat pedal mountain bike shoes currently available”



    Freerider EPS highs for my flippers. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!

    Wider flat shoes

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    Cheers all.

    submarined – Member
    Freerider EPS highs for my flippers

    Ta, tried some today, fit well.
    EPS too hot for summer?
    Liked those, the Pros and some discounted Elements.
    Still to try the Aescents.

    Trying some Giros tomorrow before making my mind up.

    The 2FO’s are ok but my word, they are ugly this year – blue or orange.
    Felt a bit tight, will see if a size up fits any better.

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