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  • retro83

    Am I right in thinking those ones only have wipers, not proper oil seals? If so that is probably where your semi-bath has gone

    Premier Icon steveh

    Have you double checked the volumes they are supposed to have on the fox site? I think my 36’s only have 15ml per leg from memory so 40 in a 120 float seems high.

    Its been used by the lubrication system. You know that oily ring that collects dirt on the stanchions? Thats where it all goes?


    In 2 months? The other leg wasn’t missing any oil.


    yep, thats why people overfill them, as it quickly runs out and kills the stanchions.

    If you haven’t serviced them in 2 months it sounds like you have voided the warranty as they need to be done every 20 hours.


    “If you haven’t serviced them in 2 months it sounds like you have voided the warranty as they need to be done every 20 hours”

    Just one of the reasons I will never run Fox forks on my bikes again.


    Have you cycled the suspension action of the internals of the fork to ensure there is no oil in the dampener etc? you would not lose that much oil through the seal/foam ring. Check in the Fox owners manual/web site for the correct oil levels, sometimes there is not much in there in the first place!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    If you haven’t serviced them in 2 months it sounds like you have voided the warranty as they need to be done every 20 hours

    20 hours riding over two months = 2hr 20mins riding per week.

    Not a lot, but more than a lot of people I know manage.


    I’ve just given the fox float 120s off my 2 month old spcialized the once over because they were nocking a bit. To my horror the only oil to drain out of the left leg was about 10cc of the stuff. Now I know that some of it will still be in there, but not a whole 30cc of the stuff.

    Could the oil have migrated into the air spring?
    Or was it just short filled when they were assembled to save a few cents?

    I hope its not the latter given Fox’s stance on uk riding conditions and regular servicing/waranty issues.

    Premier Icon giantjason

    servicing a fork every 2 months is ridiculous!!

    i know that is what Fox say but i would question whether they are fit for purpose with a maintenance schedule like that!!

    mr frosty

    How often do you oil your chain, change your brake pads etc… giantjason? forks require looking after to


    Its not ridiculous. Its the products specification.

    They are ‘Racing Shocks’ and as such are designed to operate perfectly in ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are made by servicing and regular maintenance.

    Personally i think the performance is worth the trade off in time.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Do RockShox not have a 16hour service?


    After every wet/muddy ride, clean the stantions and apply a little Motorex wet lube (or similar to the wiper seal). After a little while cycle the fork up and down, wiping the stantions along with any dirt which may have accumulated around the wipers. Clean off excess lube – job done. Been doing this for years and never had any problems with either Fox or Marzocchi forks (I should add that I don’t swap forks nearly as often as I do frames 😉 ).

    Two months riding is plenty enough to use the oil through the wiper – its dependent on useage pattern and riding conditions of course.

    Doesn’t Tim Flooks say that Boxxers need their semibath oil changed every 10 hours?

    I used to fill that side with 40 ml and have to service them every 5-6 months. Before I decided to dump fox shox for being overly maintenance intensive, costly and having some dodgy QA. They’re not helped by Mojo either.


    pump the fork a bit to release the oil from the damper? it won’t all run out under gravity. ignore the warranty comment, it’s a load of rubbish 🙄


    Thanks Bomberman, but that I did, the problem is with the other leg but I reckon your right about Fox’s Warranty comment, I mean what would you do if you took part in a 24 hour enduro, stop and service them 20 hours into the event? Will their be reprensentatives form Mojo looking on, arms folded, tutting furiously at those riders who don’t?

    I also have a pair of 5 year old vanillas that don’t have worn stantions and have gone for considerabley longer periods without service and they never had any oil aparrently evaporate into thin air. I aquired them 3rd hand fully knowing their service history (or lack of it). The first time I serviced them, I noticed they had rockshox oil seals instead of Fox ones (I have the part number for anyone interested) and perhaps thats the secret to their longevity.

    The levels I quoted at the beginning of the post were correct, 40ml left leg (spring side) and 160ml right leg (damper side). In the right leg virtually all the oil was accounted for, however I’m still concerned that there was considerably less oil in the left leg than there should have been, and I’m not buying it that the foam ring has drunk it all or that its leaked out in just 2 months. Nothing has come out of bottom and I’ve not noticed anything on the stantion.

    I wonder if Fox’s advice that everyone should service their forks every time they look at them (using their own very expensive oil) so as not to have to invalidate the owners warranty, is an attempt to coverup their own quality control issues. Just a thought?

    One thing is for sure, if Fox can’t be bothered to sort the issues out then a lot of riders are going to look elsewhere. I know I will.


    For what its worth i dont think fox have any “warranty” issues. I think its probably more due to the fact people are generally lazy and only bother servicing them when they notice the forks aren’t performing as well as they were when new.
    What i tend to do is pop an extra 10ml in the lowers every now and then, as others have done. Cant see it doing any major harm to the internals either.
    You wouldnt run a high performance car without changing the engine oil at the regular specified intervals, why should an expensive fork be any different?
    I would say their oil is really any more expensive than others out there. Again refer to the car analogy, you wouldnt use Halford Semi Synth in a Lambo would you? Granted the float fluid is pricy, but it will last a LONG time before you use it up!


    Your right about the car analogy, but quality engine oil lasts a lot longer than most car manufacturers would have us believe.


    The fox fork 15 hr service thing is utterly ridiculous. that would be every week or two for me. for a racing product? how about a 24 hr enduro?

    Its simply because the amount of oil is specified as very small to keep the weight down and then the short servicing interval to make up for this. There is plenty of room in the non damper side of the vanillias I have for lots more oil. ( the damper side has plenty) I put 100ml in – maybe ramped up a bit quicker and a bit more oil came out but the performance was basically unaltered. The seals did not blow and I can still bottom them out.

    Flawed design and the cure is a ridiculous service interval thats all about denying warrenty claims.

    With only 15 or 30 ml in the top bush gets no splash lubrication so runs dry unles you store the bike upside down

    How often do you oil your chain, change your brake pads etc… giantjason? forks require looking after to[o]

    Oil my chain – when it gets dry, about once a month on the bike I use everyday

    Change brake pads – once every 3 months or so, on the bike I use everyday

    Service my (non Fox) forks (beyond just a clean and cycle some clean lube in) once a year. Most sets are used for a few hours every week. They all work fine and are in tip top condition internally.

    I agree with TJ. Its not poor QC – I think Fox QC is probably the best in the business, but the design is flawed, especially in typically less than ideal UK riding conditions.

    That said, the solution would appear to be pretty simple, with occasional storage upside down, and upping the oil volume in the spring leg.

    I’ve not used a fox for since retiring my 2003 vanillas in early 2005 – I got through three C/S assemblies due to loose steerer fit, and had a series of failed seals in the damper cartridge. The were very costly to run due to these issues and I’ve retired them to Mrs Officers bike where they get little use.

    They worked brilliantly though. Now Rockshox are basically the same price, I might try a set of foxes again


    i gotta say,

    bad form putting a poorly desguised swear in the thread title



    My coil Lyriks go boing 😀

    Both my five and a half year old Float and my year old Vanilla eventually use up the oil in the spring leg. It’s normal.

    As others have said, the product has a maintenance cycle and if that’s something you don’t like then all you need do is sell the forks and buy something else – problem solved.

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