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  • Premier Icon vondally

    for the front of a Turner Sultan with a 200lbs rider not very skilled

    would like travel reduction but not essential

    What are the options recommendations and thoughts of 29er riders please.

    ps won’t be enduroing on them…just mountain biking


    I have these no complaints, been great so far (about 6months on my 29er full suss) can be travel adjusted with internal spacers down to 130mm or 120mm.

    Premier Icon Alex

    I had those revs on my FS 29er. They are a good fork at a great price. Changed them for some x-fusion Traces which are noticeably stiffer. Still a lot more money! You can get the DLA (adjust to 110mm I think) for the travel adjust on the fly.

    I’ve got 140mm Secktors on my Orange 5 29. They’re ok and feel a lot like the Revs I had a few years back. Bet you could pick them up cheap if you shop around. They’re not the best forks ever but certainly do a job and at the right price would be well worth a look.

    Interested to see what others say as if I keep the bike long term I could well change the forks.

    Premier Icon vondally

    I was looking at the secktors so thanks

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I’ve had Revs, 34 Floats and now a Pike.
    I’d say the pike is head and shoulders above the other two.

    I currently have a Rev RCT3 for the front of my sultan. I’m also 200lbs. Its a fine fork, probably my favorite for 12 years in terms of performance, but it is a bit twangy on more aggro rides with steeps and speed.

    I’m currently waiting for the price of Pikes to drop.


    i have a set of as new 2012 revelation rl 130s. taper steerer and 20mm axle in black. £170 posted??

    I was looking at the secktors so thanks

    No worries. I’m a big lad and find them more then adequate for the riding I do. Not a massive fan of Rock Shox as a rule but they’re as good as any other modern RS I’ve tried (2011 Sids, 2011+12 Revs, 2013 Rebas). If I had the money I’d change them but I’m in no rush. Out on the trails I’ve never thought ‘Wow, they’re ace’ but have also never really thought I was under forked if that makes sense?

    Premier Icon trusty

    What’s been said above really, pikes or revelations if budget allows. Sektors are good, but I did notice the difference in damping between them and the revs. I’ve also got some 140 revs I need to sell, email me if you’re interested. They’re off a 2014 stumpy evo. I’m a tart and replaced them with pikes

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    I had the 140mm Rev RCT3 on my Sultan and was always pleased with the performance. Still couldn’t resist upgrading to a Pike though and have no regrets, it is a far better fork in all respects. Mine is the solo air, I did think I would have liked travel adjust but really don’t miss it, one less thing to faff with and the Pike doesn’t bob too much when you’re sitting and spinning anyway

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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