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  • lucien

    That shortlist looks like a longlist to me!


    riding a Marin Mount vision i wouldnt go beyond a 130mm fork


    [RE EDIT]If you had 120 Fox then wouldn’t 120 RS be a good choice I assume you need 1-1/8 steerer and 9mm axle? Good prices on Reba’s If you wanted bigger then perhaps a Sektor because you change the travel with spaces without changing the whole spring like you have to on the revs.


    After being a complete numpty and not servicing my forks recently –
    well ok since I got the bike 6 years ago, the coating on the
    stanctions has finally worn through.

    This would be OK as the old set of Pace RC41 should fit, but because
    these were bought secondhand the steerer is annoyingly 3cm too short,
    so scratch that backup plan.

    Pricing for a rebuild the stanctions are £180 so sending them away to
    Mojo comes in at around £330, which is getting into new forks

    New forks gives me the possibility of going up a size to 140 or 150.

    The current shortlist is:

    150 RockShox Revelation XX Dual Air Fork 2012 £438
    150 RockShox Sektor RL SoloAir Suspension Fork 2012 £279
    150 Rockshox Revelation RLT Forks 2013 £349
    150 Rockshox Revelation RL Forks 2013 £319
    120 Fox F32 RL Remote Forks – 2010 £299
    120 Fox 32 F120 RLC Fit Forks – 2010 £329
    140 Fox 32 F120 RLC Fit Forks – 2010 £329

    What do people think?

    They are for a Marin Mount Vision 5.7 2009 (Fox 32 F120R)


    Cheers Paul.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Any of the RS dual air forks can be adjusted by adding or removing spacers. I think the Reba has a range of 80mm to 120mm. The Sektor and Revs have a range of 120mm to 150mm. But the dual air forks are hard to find these days.

    The Solo air forks need a spring change to get the travel adjusted. It think it costs in the region of £40-50 from Loco.

    I’d say a 120mm RS Reba would be ideal for your bike and fine for XC and Trail riding. If you want a stiffer fork for rougher riding then the Rev or Sektor spaced down to 120mm. The Sektor and Rev share similar chassis but the Rev has better internals.

    My Rev RLT was off being serviced so borrowed a mates Sektor R for a while. I could really feel the difference, the Rev had better control of the rebound and it stood up in the mid travel a bit better rather than blowing through. The Sektor was not rubbish by any means and I would say its good value for money but the more expensive internals in the Rev do make a difference if you can afford them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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