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  • Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Kill List is a horrible film.
    The violence is totally gratuitous, shocking lack of imagination.
    Nowt wrong if justified.

    The end of The Wicker Man is so much more shocking.

    Debbie does Dallas , never did make it to the end


    Neverending Story. It ended. 🙁

    Fight club…..epic film, but it took a Wikipedia search to fully get it!


    inception, did he get stuck in his head or was he back in reality?

    (or was the meaning of the film that we should question the nature of reality and our perception of it)


    I’ve never understood why The Usual Suspects doesn’t end as Spacey’s foot finally straightens and he begins to walk normally. I cannot figure for the life of me why you’d throw away one of the best film endings ever for the sake of those not quite bright enough to catch on.


    Dead Mans Shoes – How does he know (Richard) that the last guy is not lying about what he did to his brother and then decide to let him go?

    He never intended to kill the last guy, he was always going to get the last guy to kill him. that’s a worse punishment than killing him, blood on his hands, something he’ll never forget or forgive himself for, whereas the guys he killed couldn’t care less.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    You can tell STW is mainly made of up male, IT/engineering types. 🙂


    The Shawshank Redemption, with the tacked on stupid “feel good” ending no doubt for the US audience. The film clearly should end as Red is carried away on the Greyhound bus, doing the voiceover, saying “I hope i meet my friend again” etc etc. The WHOLE film is about hope, that’s the point. Hence, we totally don’t need the soppy & naff “friends meeting on the beach” scene that is added on afterwards. Next time you watch it, turn off after the bus scene and see how much better the film is!!!

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Mulholland Drive – it starts off with her falling asleep (although this isn’t made that clear), the rest of the film bar the very end is all a dream, hence the randomness of order etc


    I couldn’t follow “A Serious Man” when I tried to watch it, gave up in the end although reading some of the background it makes a bit more sense, still think it’s garbage though.

    Edit: Oh and Prometheus – what was all the running about in a comedy style avoiding the crashing spaceship all about, was it meant to be comedic? If it was meant to be dramatic then I’m confused.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Warton – Thanks, that does make sense.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    The last Matrix film. Especially when everyone interprets it a different way, leaving me more baffled.

    Fantasia, great theme music but the dialogue was completely lost on me


    Dude Where’s My Car.

    Where did all the hot chicks go after the big chick exploded?


    Going off on a tangent, I don’t get the comments about Kill List being OTT. I thought it was a bit dull with an off ending.

    I never quite got the end of the Usual Suspects either.

    The end of the Cabin in the Woods was odd (thought the whole film was utter sh*te though).


    mulloholland drive great film but as it was all a dream i thought was bit poor plot.

    the fountain great film,confusing as but only sort of understood it by reading on the web haha

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Star Wars – A New Hope

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Slight tangent, but Se7en. Film is totally ruined for me by the fact we get to know what is in the box. Would have been so much stronger if we never really find out definitive reason for Brad’s rage.

    Omar Little

    Clerks 2

    No-way that ugly knob Dante ends up with Rosario Dawson.


    +1 Donnie Darko. Also Memento took me a while and I’m still not sure I have it right.

    With Memento there is an option on the DVD to watch it in sequence. Makes everything much clearer, but also spoils the film.

    As far as I know a awful lot of people have tried to dissect and find fault with Memento (in terms of trying to find an error with its narrative) but it’s yet to have been done. Nolan, in an interview, was quite proud of that fact.

    I never found it particularly confusing to be honest but it is a film that only comes together at the end but its a great revelatory moment. I don’t know how some have come to the conclusion it doesn’t make sense?

    vanilla sky ????

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Donnie Darko really needs a couple of careful watches but it can be followed. Directors cut was easier to make sense of.

    I like the star child idea on 2001, I had always thought the wtf ending was supposed to be something to do with time, life, death and immortality. I’m probably wrong but I liked it. It got 10.1 on my weirdometer.

    Solaris. Now that was chuffing odd and Event Horizon too.

    Premier Icon stavromuller

    The Book of Eli, was Denzel Washington meant to be blind from the start? I mean, where was his stick?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I hate the ending of the Italian Job. Die or escape for gods sake please!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    In a 2003 documentary for the BBC, Michael Caine explained how the gang could have made their escape. “The next thing that happens is you turn the engine on,” he said. “You all sit exactly where you are till all the petrol has run out, which changes the equilibrium. We all jump out and the gold goes over the cliff.”

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Source Code. How can he send emails from an alternate timeline before the train crash that put him there happened?

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