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    Yup, about 40W, a lot more when I’m logged onto STW obviously.


    £85 p/m for a 2 bed flat. Top floor, outer corner, a heating system from the 20s and apparently no insulation in the walls or ceiling.

    Before that about £60 for a 2/3 bed semi, much more up to date though.


    ska 49 – are you using the oven to supliment your heating then if its always on 😀


    Just had my quarterly gas bill (one bed flat), £300 – I probably shouldn’t have the heating on at 24c all the time…


    Fuzzy – you have proved my point


    just saw your point bear I agree

    my neighbour exclaimed that living where we do is expensive – she uses 2 full tanks (1100litres) of oil to heat the house every year.

    its nearly 1 year i have been in my house (mid feb moved in) and ill not even have used A tank.

    difference is my house is set to stay at 14 degrees except for between 4.30 and 6 where it comes on to raise the temperature to 19 for us getting up and at 4pm till 5pm where it lifts from 14 to 16 degrees so its not baltic when we get in – then the fire is lit and the heating stays off from then.

    theirs is on perminantly in winter and judging by the state of their roof havign no snow and mine having loads – they have no insulation.


    £80 per month gas
    £75 per month electric

    5 bedroom semi
    2 adults and a 5 yr old

    loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, double glazing

    I’m always moaning about lights being left on and the heating being on but Mrs H is half trinidian and says its in her genes and must be warm at all times! 🙄

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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