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  • Energy bars any deals out there or….
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    Are they just a gimmick for anyone just out mincing in the woods ? I like the taste of the SIS ones but I guess homemade flapjack does the same thing or even jam sarnies ?

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Unless you’re working hard (proper anaerobic efforts) you should be better off with just normal food.


    I can highly recommend these Bars

    Chuck in some extra honey/ choc chips/ whole nut butter and you have one very tasty snack.


    Not a gimmick if you suffer a sudden loss of energy (never been fond of the term bonk). I was amazed how quickly a gel helped when I hit the wall on a long snowy ride once.


    5hrs on a trainer!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Plenty of time to write hashtags too.



    You probably don’t need them for regular riding/training. They offer little over cereal/cake bars from the supermarket in my experience. I personally like nutri grain elevensies since they are soft and easy to eat.

    However, I find them useful in longer or harder races. In long races (4+ hours) my ability to eat solid food reduces over the race. I will start on real food and gradually work my way through to energy bars then to gels for the final push. In harder shorter races this point comes quicker.

    Anyway some are good/nice although I find them pricey (which is the main reason I don’t buy them).

    My preference is for the zipvit ones as they are soft and easy to eat. 20% off this weekend with ZVENERGY.

    Failing that

    discount suppliments
    energy 4 sport

    are my usual first point of call followed by seeing who has offers on. Ribble do at the minute if you want short dated stuff.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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