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  • I’ve got one and it’s brilliant! It pedals well and climbs better than my LTHT ever did.Reasonably light and decends well too. Deinately not soggy and REALY fun to ride. No idea about bearing life as I’ve only had it a since the start of summer and so it hasn’t seen much nasty,abrasive mud yet!

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    I got one when the mk2 first cam out, frame cost me around £1400 (pre titus going bump). I struggled with the RP23 and swapped it for a coil, transformed and loved it. Even at £1400 I thought it was a great frame, at the price they are now with a ccdb they are a steel.

    I have a ccdb on my current bike, took a bit to get correct but once sort they are everything I’d hoped. So recon it’s worth it.


    Tempted by one of these myself. Going to take a trip down to On-One / Planet X at some point as they’re just down the road in Rotherham.


    Anyone ride one?

    Seem ridiculous value for money, and lok pretty amazing to boot, reviews seem good…

    is the CCDB upgrade worth it?

    I ride a blur LT (2007) at the moment, and think its ace, but at the same time, since getting up hills is a necessary evil to me although I like to stay fit, I cant help thinking I’d be better on something like this….

    I was on the look out for a decent used Nomad to swap my components onto..,

    I think all the components I buit my blur up with will be fine (flow wheels, xt clutch mech, xt cranks, deore brakes, reverb etc…) may need to swap the 150mm revelations out for lyriks…

    Just looking for opinions really? reliability? fun factor? (dont want something too soggy) bearing life/replacement?

    Am I right lusting after one, or better saving up for a nomad?

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    Good luck getting one with a CCDBA.
    Mate has pretty much given up waiting for one. No stock and no info…


    A bit ago brant was talking about a cheaper one for about £1400 with sektors, anyone heard anything more? I fancy something a bit more burly and these look mint.


    I have one and I love it, there were issues with the early frames (bb too low) but this has all been sorted now and I was given a new frame with no quibbles. It’s currently being changed over to 1×10 but here’s a pic of it look all mean and purposeful;

    Good god can this thing descend…


    been looking at this frameset too! £799 inc a CCDB crazy value! really was looking for a 160mm front and rear but thinking i could manage with 150mm rear and 170mm upfront…..


    Looks like I’ve just bought a used one and some fox 36’s so they’d better be good now!

    It certainly looks the part! i’ll report back 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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