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    I’ve got spline EX1501’s on the big bike, I rag it with no skill or finesse, plenty of hard landings and general abuse and it’s not put a foot wrong in nearly 2 years. 185lbs.

    Can’t say that about any other wheelset i’ve owned…. Breaking a spoke can be a lot more problematic than more regular wheels though.


    I’ve got DT swiss splines 1900, bearings shot in 6 months and I need about £100 of tools to replace them !


    I’m looking for a new wheelset to go on a Blur LT. I need something robust, light enough and relatively inexpensive – the moon on a stick really.

    I have noticed a few DT Swiss factory wheel sets in the £300 – £400 range but I was wondering how durable they are? I weigh around 200 lbs, the bike weighs about 30 lbs. I just generally trail ride – no drops or jumps.

    Has anyone got any experience of running any of these factory wheel sets?


    I have ex1501’s on my current trail bike and whilst they are a suberb wheel set, they are not 300-400 range.
    Closer to your pricepoint I had spline m1700 on my first 27.5 genius,ran them for a season with no problems then one of our guides ran them all last season. I replaced both front wheel bearings last week before putting them on a bike to sell. 15 minutes of shop time to pull the old and press the new. Just a few quid in parts.
    Other good factory wheelsets would be ex1750 that you might find on clearance. Giant are good at spec’ing DT wheelsets on their bikes and you may find tear offs available.


    I’ve got DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two 27.5″ wheelset at a good price from bikediscountde – and so far its proved to be a great wheelset i’ve done 1500 miles on them so far and they are still dead true, and bearings are running smooth – unlike the cr*p expensive mavic crossmax wheelset i made the mistake of buying before this wheelset.

    They coped well with 450 miles of rocky riding in Arizona, Utah and Colorado back in April

    Only issue i had with them was mounting my bontrager sl4 tubeless tyres was a bit tough, I had to infalt an inner tube over the top of the tyres to inflate the wheels without leakage – but ever since I mounted them they have been perfect.


    Got some X1700s (OEM specials I guess) that have been ridden 2 or 3 times a week for 3 years and have not been touched.

    I’m not the biggest guy and the wheels hardly leave the ground but they’ve been perfect over the time I’ve had them.


    Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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