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  • grum

    What’s BH reading?

    Premier Icon cp

    you need to use the pocketmags version – works very well. theres some info about it on this site somewhere…


    I’ve tried to use the pocket mags version ages ago. No email yet – just messaged the tech support address now.

    I do not know what BH reading is either, tablet keyboard ftw.

    Pocket mags seems to be iTunes only and for annual subscribers, counts me out on both counts


    I have bought a nexus 7 which I like. Thought I would buy myself a subscription to the magazine to read on it.

    However, it seems a disappointing experience to other magazines you can get through Google play for instance.

    Pub – downloads a .txt file. Cannot open it with any epub reader.

    Flip page – flash needed not on nexus.

    Kindle – sort of works, have to manually send it, sf doesn’t feel like reading a magazine.

    PDF – best of a bad bunch – has a magazine layout, but PDF readers are not great for BH reading.

    So asny tips, gonna try for a couple of months, but so far will probably cancel, unless I can get a better experience.

    Got the email today. Installed the app (2.7 avg review on the Play store) and I can’t get the sodding thing to work. Took me five mins to work out how to log into it (where to log into it) and I still don’t know if I’m logged in properly or not.

    in the Android App you should see your subscriptions by clicking on the Menu Icon (top left) and then “My Account”.
    I think it should also appear automatically in “My Library” though I’ll double check that point.

    Premier Icon pnik

    I must be dim i still havent worked out how to login. Samsung galaxy tab if it matters, what am I missing?
    Argh got it, link to other account or soemthing in settings.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Open PDF in the kindle app is the best way I’ve found on android and iPad.

    Conclusion: Disappointed.

    Basically the monthly digital subscription is poor. For my money I get to read a PDF of the magazine. This frankly is enough for me not too read it. Opening the kindle format is needlessly tiresome, and strips the images out. Epub does not work.

    There is a proper app, but you can’t use it, unless you pay in advance for a year.

    Single track people, be aware, I very rarely buy your magazine as I don’t really buy magazines, if I could of got it delivered to me to read on my tablet, and enjoy the experience, I would have left my subscription to run. As it is I’m gonna cancel after a month.

    Hi Kellies heros,
    Sorry you don’t feel the monthly subscription is worth the money.
    It is intended primarily as a taster and we hope people will shift to the better value Annual sub if they like it.

    That said monthly subscriptions do suit some of our readers better.

    We have to pay a third party developer to get you App access so we can’t afford to include it in a no-commitment monthly sub.

    Just to clarify. You don’t just get a PDF of the current mag for your £2.99. You also get
    [*]12 years worth of publication to read[/*]
    [*]PageFlip versions to read on any device supporting Flash[/*]
    [*]ePub and Kindle versions of the mag[/*]
    [*]Access to the reviews section – there will be a lot more in there soon[/*]
    [*]Tuesday Treats – great prizes every week[/*]
    [*]Exclusive web content[/*]

    Ultimately we think that’s worth at least £2.99. But if you want even better value get an Annual and you’ll get it cheaper and also get a Premier Card which can easily be used to get discounts in excess of the cost of the subscription.

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