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  • Cyclocross brake option. Hydraulic?
  • rsmith

    Hi there. I’ve nearly built up my “recently” acquired Surly CrossCheck. I have two sets of brakes. I can either fit some nice retro Froggleggs with ringle peace hangers. Or I can fit some magura rim brakes designed for drop/. moustache bars that I have lying around. Will the Hydro brakes be overkill on a ‘cross bike that has “big” tyres?
    I’ll be running one gear, and knowing how hard Maguras are to set up, will chain tensioning mean I’ll have to reposition the pads? Any advice or experience will be a great help.
    Cheers, Rob


    the magura’s will be rubbish, sell them to me :0)


    No one used Magura rim brakes with horizontal dropouts?…


    No, sell them to me.

    frogglegs every time


    If the maguras are anything like the mountain bike ones, then they’ll be good for power but not so great for delicate control. They might be a bit much for cross tyres when the ground’s as wet and muddy as it is.

    I’d go for frogleg cantis.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    And These…

    Work for me… No dramas at all…

    And I’m no Jey weight Racer.. 😳


    I have red hangers too ;¬) Thanks for the feedback guys. I may try the Maguras, but it’s a long setup for something for that I may not like. It has got BIG tyres on so maybe the skids will be less ferocious. Definately a factor to think about though. Cheers.


    get some avid mechanical discs and be done.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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