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  • trail_rat

    got a set here with cleats never even opened the packet got em with a complete bike i bought

    15 quid posted for those that like em , ill stick to XTR and pd 520s my self –

    Premier Icon njee20

    YGM Terry


    Great pedals been using mine with no problems since day one.
    Even when the bearings are on the way out a quick spurt of grease will pack them out for another ride.
    On two occasions when I've rebuilt them the internals had disapeared but they had still staid in one piece.
    I have been using Candys recently, in fact I've got a four year old pair that have never been serviced and they've done a fair few 24 solos and just finished a season of cross.
    So yes all good, and i've suffered two pair of budget Shimanos fall apart.
    I do treat my Eggbeaters as an XC pedal though, they've always seemed an odd choice for the more freeride type bikes.


    the above are sold to njee


    I took a gamble and ordered 2 sets of candy c's. One for current ride and one for the impendind arrival. Tried them out at the weekend, seem ok – click in isn't as positive as my old time atac xe but once in they're fine. Left cleat needs tweaking for comfort but otherwise jobs a goodun. Two sets of pedals and cleats for two thirds of the cist of one new set of time!


    Becareful what you say!
    A snapped spindle in the middle of the Ulu is nothing to be laughed at.
    I had mine rebuilt at Mayhem each year and yet one Egg Beater "let go" & left me stranded 1/3rd into the 100 mile race up in Kielder.
    It cost me heaps, as I spent ages (40 mins) looking for the outer casing, then I bought a set of flats 1/2 way 'round at a Mech' 1st Aid station, then I missed the cut off at 55 miles (just!), meaning that all that training had seen me fail to complete the event.
    Plus the terrible cramps I endured as I only fitted 1x flat pedal (not to be recommended) at the time.

    Take a leaf out of my book and maintain a strict maintenence schedule or it could cost you far more than you ever bargined for! 😳

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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