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  • Corrour – Laggan Dam road – ?crossable (Corrour to Tulloch) knowledge
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    The north side of Loch Ossian has the better (faster/smoother if that’s your thing) track, though the south side has recently been improved somewhat.

    IIRC, you can’t cross the dam at the end of Loch Laggan.

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    Looks like you can but not recommended really…I’d go via Fersit if it was me.



    Memory mapping routes for trip with gf (prefers non tech – loves forestry tracks/smoothish), so hoping to do train/Tulloch/Corrour loop and after locals advice/knowledge.

    so Corrour – Shooting Lodge – lhs or rhs loch Ossian – ? which is better
    Then N to reservoir and W to Tulloch – wuld prefer to cross Dam but ? otherwise down to Fersit and back


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    I’d say North side of Ossian is smoother, South side more open and scenic but hardly technical.

    Assume you are taking the estate road all the way into the forest. The dam can be crossed but the fence on the road end is a bit high and pointy. It is doable but harder from the damn side and perhaps not ideal. The track from the edge of the forest to Fersit might stretch the definition of “non-tech”, it is more of a rough and (in places) indistinct landie track; may also involve wet feet.

    A couple of other suggestions. You could park at Fersit and ride back to Tulloch at the start of the day. Pleasant enough when fresh but maybe more of a slog at the end of the day if someone is getting tired.

    Parking at Fersit also leads to the natural conclusion of starting there, it will get any techy riding out the way early and if you end up pushing it is early days so will be forgotten. The ride back from Tulloch to Fersit is mostly down. If you did go this way when you get to the edge of the forest take the left fork forest track rather than the one that follows the fence line; the latter is boggy a bit tech in places and a haven for the midge (even in winter!!). The obvious issue with this is it can induce time pressure to get to Corrour in time for the return train.


    cheers – should be ok as there is accom at Corrour – so can do a treat night (we’re motorhoming) and derisk timings as I suspect there aren’t regular services …..


    Was there several weeks ago.

    North side is road bike rideable, south side is rougher in places but CX bikeable with ease.

    Some sort of hydro works ongoing on the south side when i was there, no access issues.
    Both sides are fairly flat.

    YHA at south end of loch, maybe check they are not group booked over just turning up, it was full of teenage girls doing D-of-E when i went, we camped south side anyway.

    We had a brew up in the hut on Corrour with sideways rain lashing it, punters in the station house kept curtain twitching/watching us from the bar and rooms 🙂 they must have been bored in luxury.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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