Conspiracy theorys……does anyone believe them?

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  • Conspiracy theorys……does anyone believe them?
  • rudebwoy

    Gas prices anyone?

    aye, like most of the ‘market’ — cosy cartels rigging the prices, oh the wonder of capitalism !


    Late to the thread as always…. the reason why conspiracy theories thrive and spread is because there are always inconsistencies in evidence caused by simple witness fallibility and incompetence. That’s all.

    Good point.

    I don’t think of things like gas price fixing as conspiracies really- for me there has to be more than just people doing stuff they’d rather other people didn’t find out about to be a proper conspiracy theory.


    Ay ethe truth often has some inconsitencies as it has not been scrpited by a Holywood writer – conspiracists grasp at this

    IME conspiracists dont just believe in one conspiracy but a multitude of them and there is little point enganing in rational debate with them beacuase [ as Pro brian Cox said on twitter to a moon landing denier who was asking him why he would not answer his questions
    “because you are an irrational nobber”

    Comapnies clubbing otgether to shaft the public is hardly a conspiracy it is common surely?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Personally, I regard this thread as a conspiracy to oust conspiracy theorists or to gather ideology’s that aren’t in the onvious domain.


Viewing 4 posts - 361 through 364 (of 364 total)

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