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    cheers gonetothehills 8)

    Enjoy tomorrow


    12 miles from city o london to the sauf east, and the outlook for tomorrow, sunshine 😉 woohoo


    Had a hilly 13 mile commute each way with 2 nasty hills.
    I was riding in 4 days out of 5.

    Then decided that although I was doing it fairly quickly (55mins each way) I was a little knackered to ride at the weekend and was taking too much time away from my family.

    So this year I am getting the train then 4 miles with the 25% climb 4 days, which in total takes 30 mins each way. However Fridays I mountain bike home for as long as I like and still get to enjoy riding at the weekend.

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    4 miles each way, down hill on the way in, grind up home at night – do it 5 days a week on fixed and I have shower, locker and secure bike storage

    true about commuting killing bikes, my fixed gear is like triggers track bike, only the bars and frame remain (and there is a crack appearing round the lug between the head and down tube)

    biggest pain is the hundreds of flippin traffic lights… I used to ride from fleet to farnham (7miles) when I did a uni summer job and it was so much better to ride along roads that you could bowl along rather than endless stop start


    Used to have a 10.5 mile commute each way from Enfield to central London, but since i’ve taken redundancy past 2 years , i now do 13.25 to Fulham on my new carbon racer treat ,always 5 day a week. I have been doing less Sunday rides last two years tho, but now have been inspired to race again this year and have started Sunday and midweek training rides since be honest i think the training i’ve put in requires i take friday commute off, or i risk burn-out before i start racing around April.Theres no wash facilities in new job,so i just have a hand flannel to wipe away wet bits and baby wipes to freshen up, never had a problem with smelling once your cleaned up.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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