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  • Clearout: Dakine, Hope tubeless, Howies, Cree LED, Thomson
  • Premier Icon Andy

    Elite seatpost please. Pics to ahwrigley AT Thanks

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    Photos of the Dakine (including repair) please

    Premier Icon andygreener

    Pics of the nomad to me as well please to


    Dakine Nomad ’08 pack in black. new style: with the side pockets. No bladder. Hardly used. One tiny mend where abit of the outer seam was damged (never a hole) £35

    Howies Eight Miler JacketSchoeller 3X Dry Jacket. Small but fits more like a medium in light brown. Very light use. Got a bit dirty on the front so i scrubbed it clean but damaged the face of the fabric slightly in a small area. £35

    Silver Hope Bulb hubs. Rear hub is brand new (New hub body and freehub replaced under warranty: just the axle is used). Freehub has much better pickup than a Pro2. 20mm front. Rear 135mm spacing, currently 12mm bolt thru, but will also include QR axle and bearing.
    For £10 extra you can also have a Problemsolvers 12mm to 10mm bolt thru axle that works as a bolt-thru axle in a standard QR dropout frame (great for stiffening up a QR rear end), will also work with old style Saint mechs.
    Silver DT DB Competition spokes.
    32 hole Mavic D3.1 rims (old name for the 823). One small ding in front rim, but beads undamaged, hold air perfect. With tubeless valves.
    Both perfectly straight, true and tight (rear just been rebuilt). All bearings perfectly smooth and no play. Bombproof yet lightweight wheels.

    Thomson Elite seatpost black 410mm x 27.2mm inline. Used, anodising starting to dull in places. £35

    Cree LED lightset:
    Lamp housing custom made by Troutie off these forums: machined from 1 piece of alluminium for optimum heat transfer. ‘A thing of beauty’
    3 Cree R2 XRE LEDs (latest spec, brightest LEDs available).
    TaskLED BFlex driver: allows different brightness levels: 350ma – 1000ma, constant or strobe modes, battery voltage sensing and cutoff, hightemp sensing and cutoff etc.
    Medium optic.
    Very, very bright: outshines Lumi HIDs & Hope 4 LEDs.
    WIth electron hinged barmount.
    2 x NiMh battery packs: professionally made using Vapextech 2400mah cells. 14.4v. I’ve never run out of battery power on up to 3 hour nightrides with just 1 battery.
    Both battery packs fitted with genuine Lumicycle power leads.
    1 x Lumicycle Pro (Lumi middle size) battery bag.
    Lumicycle fast charger.
    I’ll also include a Lumicycle Halogen lamp and 35w bulb: makes a great helmet light.
    I’ve had the LED light for getting on a year, in that time it has never once missed a beat. Only selling as I’ve been seduced by even more power and built myself a 6 LED monster!
    £160 the lot

    In Sheffield


    Pics ofthe Nomad and the wheels please to


    pics of the jacket pls mate (esp the damaged fabric bit)

    email to moodsprings (at) gmail (dot) com


    Could I have a pic of the post as well please.Ta


    Post sold. Will send other pics tonight.


    I don’t suppose you’d sell one of the battery packs on its own would you ?

    Premier Icon peter77

    Interested in the lightset. Pics to"> Please.


    pics of the dakine and jacket please


    can you mail me pics on the lights please


    Premier Icon andygreener

    Is the nomad still available?

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