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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    They do apparently take it quite well, Celtic Tuning told me 200bhp was their standard tune-up map, cost £350.

    I didn’t do it, since I plan to keep the car for a long time, but now my mate has got a 210bhp Alfa I might 🙂

    As above. There’s various places that do a pretty standard stage 1 remap and it’s pretty common. I’ve looked into it for my Octavia.

    Angel Tuning in Banbury have a good reputation.


    Had my old octavia done at pendleperformance

    Was really good, didn’t seem to cause any other problems with the car and I ran it for about 30K miles before selling it on.

    Also ran a seat ibiza with a revo map

    The revo one was better

    Premier Icon molgrips

    So if a standard over the counter remap is stage 1, what do the higher numbers represent? Besides replacing bits of course.


    Just get it live mapped rather than a generic chip to suit your engine. 200bhp sounds a little optimistic, but not out of the question. I think the PD/CR 170bhp engine from the golf/audi gets around 205-210bhp from a live map.

    I would hope for around 170-180bhp and it still be good to drive. How old is the car? How much power can the standard clutch take?

    Molgrips, stage 2 possibly need some exhaust mods, or it could just be a more aggressive map that gets more power, but will possibly affect drivability. Going up the stages you will probably include a dpf/egr delete and going up looking at different exhaust systems and turbo’s etc.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    where are you, anywhere near london? I can recommend Ryan at Garage Midnight if you are –



    Considering chipping/remapping my vw passat 140bhp, 2006.

    Any experience is this is good idea, good company to get it done?



    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Shark Performance is all you need to know. These guys know their VAG engines. Remapped my petrol vRS and it’s faster and more fuel efficient (under normal driving of course).

    So if a standard over the counter remap is stage 1

    My (limited) understanding is that a stage one is an engine-only mod, taking into account tolerances manufactured into the engine (for instance, a VW Passat will be expected to run in -20 Swedish winters and 50 degree Saudi summers, so there’s plenty of safeguarding tolerances built in).

    Stage two takes on more aggressive tuning and aftermarket parts to take the strain caused by the extra power generated.

    Stage three is track day / comp stuff.

    Car tuning stages


    I can vouch for Angel tuning. Had my wife’s Alfa Q2 done about 2 years ago.

    Very little gain in BHP but a huge increase in torque which makes the car so much better.


    Wish I could tune my Toyota Corolla 1.6 automatic to min 150bhp which I am sure the engine is perfectly capable of if the right person tunes it.
    It comes with standard 109bhp without any messing about.


    The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.


    chrisdiesel – Member

    The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

    True, true 😀


    Nah, just cos you have a bigger candle doesn’t mean you set fire to both ends all the time 😉


    Ran a 1.8T Golf for 8yrs or so that was remapped without any issues. Started off as a 150bhp AUM engine and I added a modified air intake and a Turbo back Miltek exhaust. Then Awesome GTI sorted it out with an APR remap. RR before and after confirmed 212bhp and 268lb torque, also returned a better mpg if driven normally but could also see low teens if driven with a lead foot. It improved throttle response as it spooled up nice and early then pulled all the way through to 6k.

    The Anniversary model with the AUM engine ran 180bhp as standard and the Audi TT 225bhp as standard albeit with a KO4 turbo, where as the golf was the smaller KO3.

    So I’d just get it done, but don’t go down the running box route.

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