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  • Car woes – how do I get out of this!!!!!?????
  • beaker2135

    Check the small print, I think you can just walk away and pay nothing
    Since you are basically only financing the depreciation on PCP you wont lose anything even though you walk away with nothing
    I’m sure there is some quirk in car finance that allows this, at least I was told this by VW. Worth a look?

    Premier Icon heebyjeeby

    Well I have tried phoning the finance company as need to know where I stand with this but they have not got back to me yet (useless).
    However in the meantime have consulted some mechanical friends and the consensus seems to be it is probably the final drive bearing or some such thing (the whine happens in neutral as well as in gear).
    I think ultimately will try and get it fixed by an independent gearbox specialist (most likely TopGear so thanks for the tip there) who will hopefully charge a fraction of the £3k quoted for a whole new gearbox….
    May well get fixed and get rid though will wait and see defo gonna check the small print T&C’s as well.
    Cheers for all the tips and info 😀


    I used to be on the Alfaowners forum. They all had good things to say about Gus from Alfatune. It may be worth the trip.


    Alfaowner is good.

    Also try Alfaworkshop – they have some good buyers guides and diy guides.


    Premier Icon heebyjeeby

    Just a quick update on this.
    Took the car to an independent who advised that it would be circa £1k to refurbish the box. The suspension was also needing replaced for which would be about another £400.
    Also emailed the car dealership to let them know that I was satisfied with their help (which was a bit generous) but very cheesed off with Alfa themselves. Never heard anything back from them at all 👿
    Long story short am now the proud owner of a shiny new golf….. 😀

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Someone send this thread to Molgrips 🙂


    Welcome to VAG ownership

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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