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  • Canon SX200IS v Lumix TZ7
  • Philby

    Looking at these two compacts with 12 x zoom and wide angle.

    Main use will be scenic holiday shots, and occasionally to be taken on rides. Don't want to spend more than £300, and not interested in secondhand.

    The Canon has an annoying flash which pop-ups up any time the camera is being used. But it has the advantage of a manual function which the Lumix doesn't.

    Need to buy something in the next week as of on hols on the 21st.

    Any experiences of either/both model(s) or any other suggestions much appreciated.


    I have the Lumix and am happy with it, also got a Canon Powershot A720IS that i use for work.

    Both good camera's, Lumix has very easy to use HD video recording if that's your thing

    Either one you'll be happy with


    Another vote for the Lumix. I've got the TZ-6 (slightly smaller screen, no HD video but otherwise almost identical and quite a bit cheaper) and I've been really happy with it. Stills are great quality, zoom from wide angle is excellent and the intelligent auto setting copes with the majority of things, with lots of tweaks available if required. Even the videos are good quality.

    I haven't tried the Canon I'm afraid – last Canon I had was an S60 which I didn't get on with at all!

    If you're interested, I think Panasonic are about to release an upgraded Lumix with higher resolution & more manual options. edit – just seen the dates you're leaving so this is irrelevant I guess 😳


    yup – the tz8


    And TZ10, bizarrely enough! 🙂

    And they seem to be available already!

    Premier Icon simon_g

    I bought my gf the SX200 – it's a very good bit of kit, does HD video too. The flash isn't too annoying, and if you switch on with your hand over the flash it won't damage it.

    Premier Icon sturmey

    I bought the SX200 recently because it has some manual control I can practice with and upgrade to a DSLR at alater date if I want to also Mrs Sturm can use it easily. I do wish it had a view finder though but the TZ7 is the same. Enjoying it very much though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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