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  • Can a road bike tyre be patched?
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    I fixed a puncture This morning on my road bike, only for it to go get another this afternoon, on inspection there’s a tiny slit in my conti gator skin, the tyre’s relatively new so I don’t want to bin it. I know tyre boots are available for mtb’s, but is there anything similar for road bikes or do I just suck it up and splash the cash?


    do-able, superglue helps, but most folk are too nervous to trust a repair at 100psi!

    If it’s a wee slit then should be OK.

    Premier Icon augustuswindsock

    Cheers Al, glue worth a punt, failing that its new a tyre, don’t mind so much, but it’s a recent tyre, I bought gator skin thinking it would be more durable through the winter!!!


    My mate pinch flatted, the first replacement tube blew out the hole. The tyre was fixed with a date packet rapper and a another tube fitted. That was six months ago and it’s run fine on weekly rides ever since.

    Are you feeling lucky?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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