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    showers toilet all on site, basic but ok. Not sure about bike storage, lock inside car or sat on it 😉


    We were given a key to the toilets and showers 🙂
    Our basha blew off and they came and re-pegged it down.
    The bike shop let us keep our bikes in the shop overnight over the weekend 🙂
    All in all excellent service and friendly!


    Depends Afan or Glyncorrwg? Stayed at Glyncorrwg but not Afan, the Glyncorrwg side is good though, showers and toilets good but not flamboyant, think it’s £1 for 5 minutes or something in the showers. The cafe on site is really good and you can stash your bikes overnight in the community centre hut there for free. Best of all get down to the rugby club about 500yds down the road, cheap beer and good laugh with the locals!


    Thinking of long weekend at Afan – saw the campsite there is £5 a person per night..

    Anyone been there and know what facilities are like? So are the showers toilets ok? Bike storage how secure is it? Can I lock my bike to something solid basically?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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