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  • Hi my name is Lee Bissell i am in the process of setting up a camper hire business.

    the basic idea is to have a two berth camper van with inside toilet and is fitted with a solar panel to charge phones and cameras and run a small tv.Bike storage would be under the beds for security.

    with this you would be able to stop anywhere you wanted all you will have to do is top up the water!

    we all know you can get some great rides in the winter months is this something you would be interested in?

    If you could let me know that would be great and we can add it to the business plan.

    Thank you!!

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Very much so. Hired one for my 30th and did loads of climbing/riding in the lakes in November.

    Felt so very smug getting back to the van, having a brew/cake/shower after a brilliant ride. It had just snowed so being able to get changed in the warm van was awesome.

    If that is your market the van would risk getting very trashed very quickly. We are a very clean/tidy couple and struggled to keep our winter filth contained (with a wet dog to boot).


    You will need a big van to have a toilet and storage for 2 bikes.
    Ditch the toilet, unless you find a small space for a porta-potti.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Agree on both points above. Ditch the toilet, as I don’t think that’s necessary. A roof over my head to keep me warm and dry is what I’m after. Most of the time there’ll be facilities at trail centres or camp sites etc …

    Also yes the van will get trashed from dirt. Its very hard to not bring in dirt when riding in the winter. Personally I’d be interested in a very basic camper with simple hard wearing fittings. Maybe you could rinse the inside out when changing clients. I’m not after luxury just the basic and a simple padded bench for me to sleep on would be fine. No idea if that’s a popular way of thinking or not?

    Hi thanks guys yer getting plans underway. basic cooking and washing facilities and easy clean interior. we are gonna add a small toilet then your free to do wild riding.


    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Another suggestion would be to include some sort of power-washer. This could be run off the water storage tank and camper battery, or simply one of the portable type (e.g. Mobi V-15). It might help to reduce the amount of dirt/mud dragged into the van.

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    + 1 for not bothering about toilet facilities. I’d keep it basic…but also why restrict to 2 berth. Personally I like to ride in a group of 4ish so my dream van would have two seats up front and then space for a cole more mates in the back. Wouldn’t be too fussed about needing to fit the bikes in over night if I was wild camping. I’d sleep two in the van and then two In a quick pop up tent. Last back to the van would get the tent…

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    I would definitely want a toilet. Groups of lads might be happy to pee in the woods but if you want to market to couples then a toilet would be a good idea.


    Which vans?
    Something like a high roof transit where you can stand up in? Or a Berlingo where once you put all the kit in you propose will be claustrophobic. Or something inbetween.
    If hiring a camper it needs to be a decent driving one as most of your customers won’t necessarily have van driving experience.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Yep, toilet was a god send and the proper units with pop out cassette are really easy to change.

    I’ve seen some nice campers with rear compartment for bikes and double bed internally over said compartment.

    Bit like this jobby;



    I think something basic like a lined and insulated van with a raised floor and two slide out drawer units underneath would be great.

    One drawer to hold the kitchen equipment, fresh and waste water etc and a shower head attached to a hose on a 12v pump for cleaning duties. The other drawer partitioned out for sleeping gear/clothes storage (could even take a small porta-potti).

    A couple of airbeds or inflatable roll mats would do for two people sleeping on top of the raised floor and you could even add internal attachment points to sling a hammock inside for a third berth if required (driver and double passenger seat up front?).

    Folding table and chairs for outdoor use that are strapped to a wall inside when not in use. Something like a foxwing awning attached to sit/cook/tinker with bike under.

    Add an electrical socket or two for charging duties, some lighting and a cool box. Diesel heater would be good for colder months. Bungee netting across ceiling to act as loft storage/hang wet gear to dry etc and you would need some means of securing bikes and other kit for during transit.

    If you offered something like that it would need to be at the right price between full on campervan hire and commercial “white van” hire rates. I would take one a few times a year. In fact I might have just talked myself into swapping the car for a van of my own!


    Good idea, unless you are going to charge for every little scratch and bit of muck you’d expect from mountain bikers.


    Make sure it has a pepper grinder, decent chopping board and espresso machine.
    You could put a loose square of vinyl flooring in to put outside the van, I use one to get the worst of my kit off on.
    I also think one of those cheap Ribble bike stands would be awesome.


    These are perfect for bikes:

    I reckon anyone who is going to hire a camper will want a toilet, there is no point in having a nice van and going out in the rain for a S…

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