Calling all parents – what pram did you buy?

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  • Calling all parents – what pram did you buy?
  • Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Silver Cross 3D – was fine; now going strong as a pushchair.

    Factory shop in Bradford if you’re near there.


    Premier Icon Mugboo

    Buy second hand or wait till people donate.

    Big wheels for offroad (fixed front is good). Any wheels for Tarmac.

    Good prams don’t fold up small so buy a van or get two prams…

    Do not waste your money because it’s your first baby and you want to ‘do things right’.

    It’s just a pram, it’s just a pram, it’s just a pram…

    We also use a cheap Lidl rucksac thats designed for carrying kids, £30 new, free from a mate!

    Cheap canvas papoose before that. They aren’t in things long enough to spend a fortune. The only thing we have bought new is the Hamax Kiss bike seat because I would hate to get to my destination and find him missing…

    Also, my boy is 8 months old and is truly the best thing that had ever happened to me 🙂

    As someone once said,when you have your first kid you want the best pram,when you have had your 4th you would be happy taping a box onto a skateboard. go figure that one out.
    Ours had good prams but it always seemed to be the cheapo mclaren that got used.


    A second hand Phil and Ted and the best sparkly Maclaren buggy you can afford will see you good over most terrain.

    “Buy cheap, because you WILL buy twice” 😀


    We just got a simple, lightweight pushchair that went flat so we could use it for her as a newborn. After about 6 weeks she was big and strong enough for the Papoose thing and the pushchair is rarely used now. When she gets heavier it might come back into use for mum. But by then I’ll have the bike trailer 🙂 I should add that we don’t often have a car, which explains why I have no idea what those transformer thingies are actually for 😉

    One thing I have to ask though, how exactly are people having a problem with **** kerbs? It’s the same principle as a bike, lift front wheels, then lift rear wheels, no?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    we got a baby jogger city mini which is a brilliant
    very manouverable, can steer it with one hand and wheel the bike with the other ~(i do this on the way to nursery in the morning)

    comes with adaptors to fit a variety of car seats including maxicosi

    we also got the pram attachment for the first few months which doubles up as a very hand carry cot

    it folds down instantly too with one pull of the handle, a lot easier than some others we looked at- often the sales assistants would struggle!


    We’ve got Graco Symbio travel system, served little one very well. As most people mentioned, those travel system all-in-one are solid choices but aren’t best at any chosen categories.

    But to be honest, whichever pram you buy … your wife will come back at you with a request of 2nd pushchair at least!

    Women heh?

    Premier Icon edhornby

    But to be honest, whichever bike you buy … your bloke will come back at you with a request of 2nd bike at least!

    Women heh?

    no need to thank me 😉

    We did have a conversation with a butcher at a farmers market, he was asking how much our bugaboo was and then said appropos of nothing, ‘I can’t talk, I spent that kinda money with George Longstaff’

    Just to clarify, we never really took the big Silver Cross pram anywhere much, except for the short walk down to the allotment, or backwards and forwards up the garden path to get the kids off to sleep, but it was really big and had a waterproof cover and we really did leave our kids out in the rain asleep in it (if it was raining really hard, we’d push the head end of the pram inside the shed.

    If we were going anywhere we had one of those shopping basket style car seats when the kids were really little, then the big pushchair (and of course the baby sling mounted in the Chariot bike trailer).

    Ah… it’s all coming back to me now. Just remembered the Wilkinet too, which was also great for the first few months.

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