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  • michaelmcc

    They can stick one in my garden if they decorate my house for me.

    And this.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    niloC – is it worth making further representations to Carms CC. What is the FC manager’s view on the trails?

    Premier Icon niloC

    Nipper DM me, addy in profile if you want to know what we tried, too long winded for here!


    munrobiker – Member

    There’s loads around where I live. Would you rather look at this, the smoke of which can be seen across entire counties?

    I’d rather we had already invested in nuclear power plants instead of sticking up a bunch of pointless windmills that produce such little electricity we end up buying all our power from the French.


    I live in Carmarthenshire. It’s filled with some beautiful countryside and I feel lucky to experience it on a daily basis. The Brechfa turbines will be visually intrusive, from great distances- I know, a whole bunch of them are currently being erected on Mynydd yr Gwair, just above where I live.

    We are a VERY energy hungry nation. Producing electricity by traditional means (esp. by burning fossil fuels) is no longer a wholly acceptable option and as such alternative methods of sustaining our lifestyles need to be sought. Efforts are being made to improve energy efficiency- e.g. ‘better’ appliances, more highly insulated buildings, retro- fitting improvements etc. Many of these can/ have been grant-aided. However, when all is said and done, we have a finite quantity of hydro-carbons available to us (what ever that may be, figures are conflicting) so it seems to make sense to delay their consumption as much as possible and to reduce CO2 output as well.

    I was wholly unaware of the planned schemes at Brechfa and annoyed! that I missed the consultation. I’d have voiced support for the scheme overall but would have suggested that an alternative MTB route/ routes were put in place during construction work.

    As others have implied, ‘Bye bye Brechfa’ is a strong title. Local providers are making a living from the MTB trails and may well be hit by closures- they will also be hit by carelessly worded internet threads.

    Brechfa is a working forest that has several roles to play. These roles continue to evolve. Initially timber for pit props and trench warfare, later for pulp, later still for construction timber. Only relatively recently has the remit for providing a pleasant landscape come in, and even more recent still, the provision of leisure activities. And as yet, all of these at Brechfa are provided free of additional charge.

    I’m not complaining about the turbines. It is a shame that the way they are to be constructed seems to be going to damage people’s livelihoods, albeit on a temporary basis.


    If we dont get energy affordably in the future you and I wont even oafford a bike to ride on the trails. Sad but true.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    From the hilltop (at 200m) five minutes ride from my house I’ll soon be able to see ‘environmentally friendly’ windfarms on every single piece of high ground surrounding this city.

    And a couple of decades ago you would have seen slag heaps, tramways and pitheads.

    I’d still go to Brechfa to ride the black and the blue trails, especially with Cwm Rhaeader and some great natural riding so near.


    I know what I’d prefer.

    a) 1.2km of trail for grown ups to play at bicycles on.


    b) a source of power that is environmentally friendly, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and will go some way toward cleaning up the mess that the baby boomer generation has made for my generation to live in.

    Yes, it would definitely be 1.2km of trail

    What, as opposed to a nice green nuclear plant – which can power hundreds of times the area at a hundreds of times smaller physical footprint? Instead of something idiot hippies thought up?

    10 quid partly cynical partly humorous bet says that Wind farms will end up contributing to global warming fairly significantly and If you don’t get why look up the theory.


    A lot of you are basing your assumptions on wind turbine technology from a decade ago. They are much, much more powerful now and the old “they take more power to make than they will ever produce” argument is now nonsense.

    Yes, nuclear is the real answer, but the general public is too thick to realise that and so wind power is filling some very small holes.


    Yes, nuclear is the real answer

    My only concern with Nuclear…

    Is what do we do with the waste??

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