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  • allthepies

    Have a word with Andy @ PurpleBikeShed. He took a redundo package and set up as a mobile cycle mechanic. Lovely chap, I’m sure he’d give you some words of wisdom.


    Doesnt really help, but I saw a mobile mechanic working on some ones nice bike outside their house on a workstand.

    Great advert for thieves I thought..


    there is a guy in sheffield that has a shop but also parks up at one of the cycle trails fixing things out of the back of his car. I think it is a business model that could work, especially if you got a name by spending weekends at popular bike spots touting for business


    There’s a guy in Glasgow does this and from what I hear is pretty busy. Its a good idea for commuters as the guy come come to your workplace and fix your bike for the ride home – if has has a slot obviously.

    I wouldn’t expect to be very busy for half the year though.


    I currently work as an environmental engineer (no real engineering, just writing reports for other people) but I’m getting more and more fed up of sitting in an office all day doing something I don’t really enjoy.

    I’m in my early 50’s and really don’t want to be doing this till I retire, hopefully in about 10 years time.

    Therefore, I’ve been wondering what I could do instead.

    Although I’ve got a good education (Masters degree) I don’t really have any transferable skills, so I started thinking of becoming a mobile mechanic. I can already build wheels and undertake most mechanical work, but I was planning on taking some proper formal training to get me to a level that will enable me to do this professionally.

    I don’t have a mortgage and I’m not too bothered about making a million out of this, however, I don’t want to end up massively in debt either. I also thought that it would be something I could do to give me a little extra cash when I actually reach retirement age and I’m only getting my beer vouchers from HM Government.

    Has anyone else done this?

    Any personal stories of success or failure would be appreciated.

    I reckon you’d make as much cash as the gypsy selling inflatable Spongbob Squarepants toys in Bradford at lunchtime from a shopping trolley. Maybe a bit less.

    For the sake of retiring in 10 years time I’d stick with what you’re doing and just count the cash flowing in and then in 10 years, disappear off to rural France to drink wine and eat cheese for the rest of your days. Thats my plan…

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Thats my plan…

    I knew I’d seen you in Bradford town centre DBW….. 🙂

    b r

    Google, you’ll find there are lots around – and if there isn’t one where you live, it’s either an opportunity or there is no need.

    Another thought. A guy near us operates out a small mixed-use yard full of containers for various businesses (about £20 per week), that may be another option.


    There are several in Bristol.

    Here’s my mate’s one:

    Depends on the location but I could see you spending a lot more time driving or sat in traffic than doing paid work. £3-4k would be a reasonable investment in tools and spares stock, plus a suitable vehicle and insurance.

    I think we did this a year or two back.

    hey thats my idea!! well i have thought about same when our company came within 2 weeks of closure but now back to the good times.

    still a thought for future. was thinking of doing from home part time for bit extra cash but dont want all sorts coming round and seeing the stable as you dont know whos who these days or am i being to cynical.


    OP its only worth doing if the demand is there. If there a already local’s doing it there will be less demand, there is at least one in my area, used to be two but other guy had to pack it in (not enough work)


    A friend of mine has taken medical retirement and spent some of his lump sum on doing the Cytech 2 course. He’s actually got a second interview at Halfords tomorrow but he’s also being picking up work from friends and then friends of friends. I’d say that given the rising popularity of cycling and the relatively low overheads and setup costs compared to many businesses it’s not a bad idea. The big difference for him is that he wasn’t giving up a job.
    You’ll need to check out the competition in your area to see if it’s viable. I’d try to see if there is any way you can identify any large local employers who have signed up to the bike to work scheme. You might be able to offer discounted servicing of bikes at their offices if they have a number of employees who might be interested.


    A mobile mechanic near me will pick up your bike in the back of his van (it’s a Berlingo) and then take it back to his house and do all the repairs there and then bring it back to your house for no additional charge. I don’t understand how he breaks even with the price of fuel at the moment.


    You could also take the view that if there is someone already doing it in your area and you call them and they can’t fit you in for 3 weeks, you could set up and do it better/cheaper than them 🙂

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I would get good at servicing forks. Posting them off really bumps up the cost.

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