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  • IvanDobski

    Good news?

    I didn’t need a bone graft from my hip like the hospital originally thought and I got 8 weeks off work on full pay in the middle of summer and an insurance payout.

    Other than that – cast for 8 weeks, splint for another 4ish, loads of physio and 4 years later I still know it isn’t right.


    I broke mine and was in the Alps 3 weeks later. The plaster cast kept everything secure and I could still hold on to the bars ok. The cast rubbed right through the grip though and I was lucky only to have one fall all week. If you can hold on to the bars some easy singletrack or road is always an option.


    Guess I must be one of the few folks where everything went smoothly? 6 weeks (I think) in the cast, another 4 or so with the splint afterwards, but since then it’s been pretty much fine. No pain on the bike or in normal day to day stuff. Did have to cancel my trip to the Alps though 🙁


    Once upon a time
    My mate broke his horribly , the whole world ( well his folks anyway) freaked out about it.
    It healed on its own in 6 weeks
    The end.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Mine healed fine really – I’ve had a few times where it’s felt sore in the intervening years, but never to any serious level or where it’s stopped me doing anything. Immediate physio as soon as you are able is apparently the order of the day, but tbh I didn’t do this other than riding my bike.

    Do recall the cast coming off and it hurting like a bstard, first bit of movement into it after weeks immobilised feels pretty sharp.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Sorry. 4 months off all bikes for me. 6 months before I got on an mtb. Even now (4years later) it aches on wet days. And it clicks so much it’s like I’ve got my own rhythm section.


    Snapped my left one & resulted in an operation & 3 pins this time last year.
    Eat your greens, take some cod liver supplements, use the turbo & enjoy le tour !
    A year on I’m not too bad, not got 100% rotation in it & like bregante says, mine hurts like hell on cold days & clicks like a MF
    NHS Physio was surprisingly good, had some private Physio too which was s***
    I do remember thinking when the cast came off, how the f am I ever going to use this again ?! My forearm had withered away, shoulder muscle all gone from being in a sling & my hand looked like a lobster claw.
    Anyway, all ok now 😀
    Good luck

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    12 weeks in plaster and 4 weeks in a splint for me!


    Broken both mine. Fine now.


    12 weeks in plaster a few years ago. No problems since.

    OK, I may not get any response to this (as there may be no good news), I’ve already got my left wrist with a screw in and just broken my right. < 1mm fracture of the waist, non-displaced this time, last time was perilunate dislocation.

    I know they are feckers to heal and was supposed to be spending summer in the Alps, now just hoping I can salvage something late season.

    I’ve read all the bad, so please just give me your positive recovery stories and what you did while you were broken.

    Currently hitting the turbo to get the blood pumping to the little fecker and eating healthy.

    I think the phrase rhymes with ‘clucking bell’.

    Premier Icon 10

    After about 4 years the dull ache from mine stopped. Still have sporadic sharp pain from time to time though.

    the teaboy

    Broke mine after an ice-induced crash in Feb.

    A nice clean break, no surgery needed, a bit of turbo riding (when I finally got organised and bought one) and no time at all off work.

    8 weeks in 3 different casts, then passed out onto the xray room floor after the cast finally came off. Awoke to find an a&e crash team ready to defibrillate me.

    Couldn’t really move it for 2 weeks after the cast came off but it started getting noticeably better every day.

    Now, 9 weeks after the cast is off, the movement is still getting better but isn’t fully back. I’ve been riding my bikes for 5 weeks.

    Feel lucky really. Could have been an awful lot worse.

    Mary Hinge

    13 weeks in plaster, 4 weeks in splint. Lots of Physio. Was 25 years ago, still griefs from time to time, but i don’t hold back on anything.

    Good luck!

    Premier Icon alibongo001

    Did mine playing football probably nearly 20 years ago

    Had a cast on for about 6 weeks in total

    It’s fine now, full motion and strength and does not hut in cold weather.

    Broke my little finger in March and it is still not happy, swollen and hard to move. – seems it is a bit random how breaks heal


    As with all these things there’s scaphoid fractures and scaphoid fractures…

    Sounds like last time you had something at the worst end of the scale (trans scaphoid perilunate) and are more fortunate this time (minimally displaced waist fracture)

    All going well should heal fairly uneventfully, but would advise against riding in a cast even if rotten got away with it…!

    Best wishes for speedy recovery

    Premier Icon aracer

    I think mine’s a good news story.

    In the evening after I broke mine I went kayaking. Well I tried to, but it hurt too much so I gave up. Was back paddling a couple of weeks later, though had quite a bit of pain for several months and ongoing issues with strength and flexibility for a couple of years – it didn’t help that at the time my principle sport was canoe polo and it was my throwing hand.

    A couple of years later after jarring it yet again and being in more pain I finally went to see a medical professional – both my GP and the doctor I saw in A&E didn’t think it could possibly be broken until the X-rays came back. I was somewhat surprised to leave hospital in a cast having driven there (at least in those days hospital car parks were free). That was on for a couple of weeks which helped settle it down, but it was too late for it to heal by itself so I was booked in for an op a couple of months later. Spent the night in hospital pre-op, got my wrist shaved etc. and then when the consultant did his pre-op rounds in the morning he decided that I’d actually be better off leaving it alone as it wasn’t generally that big a problem for me and he was worried he could do more harm than good. At this point the x-rays were showing cartilage around the malunion stabilising it.

    Had some physio and was told I was likely to get arthritis by 30. Switched to paddling left handed (I actually did that a few weeks before the op as I figured I’d be paddling again quicker that way) which took a lot of the strain off, though I still throw right handed. The combination of looking after it much better meant it generally became pain free and much stronger, though I still only have about half the flexibility of the other wrist. 25 years on my scaphoid is still broken, but I don’t have arthritis or any sign it’s coming. Functionally I have very little problem with it though I choose to do some things left handed – which in a way is an advantage as apart from fine skills like writing I’m now fairly ambidextrous.

    I’d not recommend following my course of not getting it treated for a couple of years, but it goes to show that it’s not a complete disaster even so.

    Premier Icon hatter

    Fractured mine at the 2011 Big Dog, hurt like buggery but healed in about 6 weeks, the wrist’s never been quite the same since though, still feels weaker.


    I thought the docs were advising against full splinting these days as it slows down recovery? Whilst I didn’t break mine, thankfully just bad bruising, the docs said a change in practice was to keep it moving to an extend to help the blood flow back to the bone..


    No good news stories here….I was told mine wasn’t broken and to wear an elasticated splint for a couple of weeks. 6 months later when in a lot of pain, a different consultant told me it had been broken and the bone has now fused back together (but not in the right place!!!). I’m holding off on the op for now (self employed – cant afford the time off) – I’ll wait until it gets really painful. I can still ride with a wrist brace on…and thats all that matters 😀

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