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  • tinybits

    What’s the verdict then Oh great STW hive mind?

    I like the look of them, but damn they are expensive! Worth the money?

    Active it always good as I’ll be using the phone as a satnav, and now that they have a central mount for the Golf Mk6, I can open the window without fear of bouncing the phone down the road…


    Big fan here, had their cradles in my last 2 cars. Solid, well made and NIL vibration or problems. Yes expensive, but if you use your car and phone a lot then money well spent. Only thing to consider is positioning for cables/views etc if you use your phone for sat nav etc

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I use an Iphone cradle and charging mount in my MK2 golf, got the cable threaded though the vent and into the fuse box behind the lower dash so no wires showing and the mount which clips behind a section of dash holds the phone very securely and swivels either vertical or horizontal – yeah they’re pricey but for me it’s been worth it, i hate shoddy design that can be improved, this is almost perfect.


    What phone do you have?

    Search for Kidigi. I have one for my HTC one x and it is superb.
    They have even designed in a removable insert if you use a phone sleeve. Simple yet clever.

    Had a Brodit for my HTC and changed the cradle when I got my iphone solid vibration free and great kit.

    Premier Icon singletrackfred

    They are excellent. Been using them for 8 years, no problems, really well made, highly recommended.


    Used in many cars over the years well thought out products that just work, worth every penny.

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    Another Brodit user here – mount for satnav (hate windscreen mounts). Works well.

    Premier Icon db

    2 fitted in my Berlingo (work and personal phones)

    But both are only the Brodit ‘base’ with a spring loaded cradle holder so I don’t have to buy new cradles when I change phone. (which is often)

    The one on the A pillar is mounted at 90 degrees so phone is held ‘landscape’ for satnav use.

    This means you have to plug in a normal charger but is more flexible for me.


    Premier Icon alfabus

    I’ve got one in my a4. Quality bit of kit, perfect for using the phone as a satnav. I’ve got the iPhone one with a pass through connector, so I can just drop the phone in and it is connected.



    Excellent, thank you for your replies. On order. Now I have to try to get my OCD in check with the power cable routing…


    Just fitted it and works excellently. Thanks for the opinions.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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