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  • Premier Icon senor j

    And what’s the George hotel like please?


    If you like dead straight double track, boy are you in for a treat.

    I’m a fan of the Gap, and Brecon riding overall, but we stay here instead;
    Lovely food, a really warm welcome, and great beer. Everything you could want from a pub to ride from.

    Then, after a few over dinner, we head down the road here;
    Often have some great music, always have some superb beer, always have some great banter.

    Last trip to the Star saw the Squadron discover that they also have an excellent range of single malts. Hang. Over. HARD! 🙂

    The Gap is lovely riding, especially if, heading DH North back to Brecon, you turn right after the gate down a BW that it strewn with babyhead rocks. Killed a frame of one of my chums a few years ago, but it’s an amazingly good little addition.

    Premier Icon DarrenH

    A group of us did the gap last June.
    As captainflasheart says the travellers rest and star inn are great.
    And that section of bridle way with the rocks, excellent 😀
    See how far you can get without dabbing

    Premier Icon senor j

    What’s the “gap” ride like out of Brecon?
    Never been , may be going……..

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    The Gap is OK but Brecon is the armpit of the universe.


    Another vote for the Star Inn here – stayed in Talybont many times over the years and the beer’s always been excellent, they do b&b too.

    Never stayed at the George but have eaten there – food was good but slightly overpriced.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Thanks for the info.Those pubs look right up my avenue.
    As for the double track – I don’t mind – so long as there are pretty views and somewhere new to ride.
    The dabb challenge also appeals……….. 🙂
    Not really decided whether or not to go – I have a day pass after the forest of dean full boar thing on Sunday.
    I was considering Afan – But Brecon is closer.


    And that section of bridle way with the rocks, excellent

    Best bit I recon & only dabbed once on Saturday – what great weather too 🙂 only done the gap twice & found it a bit tedious to be honest

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Can’t place this rocky section of BW – only rode the gap once though – anyone got a better description of where it is.

    Only bit I remember that sounds similar is the last DH section as you head back into Brecon – a rocky gully type section where the trees form a tunnel over the top?

    slainte ❓ rob


    I think its a great ride. There are a few great descents, some cracking climbs and that out there big mountain feel.
    I’ve done it a few times and always enjoy it. I always start from Talybont. The White Hart had great grub after the ride.

    That rocky bridleway is a bit hit and miss. If its overgrown then avoid it but the last time I went it had been trimmed and it was a corker. Had a brilliant OTB there.

    There are many cracking rides in this area. The gap is not my faourite but never disappoints.


    Hi there, did it on Sunday, be prepared for it to be windy on the top, talybont nice to stay, oh and the George Pub is good.

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