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  • glupton1976

    Yip – perfectly normal.

    I’m planning on going for a kebab soon.


    winter last year on a road training bunch ride. Was fine doing turns at the front then felt myself get hungry, had no food so drank. This went on for about half an hour, then started feeling light headed but still doing turns on the front , then all of a sudden 1/4 way up a medium length drag, maybe about 4% so not steep, was on the back then couldn’t do anything, i mean nothing. I had to stop and sit down for about 10 minutes. Was hungry, thirsty, had zero energy and about 20 miles to home. ended up riding behind 1 of the guys who came back for me to his house about 8 miles away, drank and ate loads and had to get a lift home. Teach me not to eat the night before and then only 1/4 bowl porridge in the morning ( was late so had to leave pronto to meet the group)

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Never happens to me – at least not the way I’ve seen it described


    Pretty much once a week at the minute – I’m on a cyclical keto diet and the depletion workouts can be brutal.

    I’ve only ever really had one bad one on a normal diet, that was when I did my first 50 mile road ride without eating beforehand and only a gel for energy halfway round plus a bottle of water.


    many times, i dont always feel hungry, just out of energy, power and it comes very quickly, one minute im feeling great, the next im ready to catch a cab.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    About an hour ago. The dog is starting to look tasty, I wonder if ketchup or brown sauce will go best?


    Last time the man with the hammer came to visit me there was no point I would have had the ability to type on the Internet any time that day. Blurred vision, hallucinations, etc, got home ate mats at, slept, woke to eat dinner, slept.

    Premier Icon martymac

    ive had this a couple of times, symptoms like mashie up above, not hungry, but couldnt fight my way out of a wet paper bag.
    usually happens when ive been riding close to 3 hours.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Miles from anywhere on a massively hot day a few years back. had to walk anything slightly up. Found a blackberry bush, and literally stripped it like a one man locust plague, then legged it as fast of my cramping complaining legs would carry me when I saw mum and 2 kids merrily making their way over with plastic boxes and placcy bags…

    sorry kids

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Bank Holiday Monday just gone.
    2 weeks off the bike and 3 miles from the end of a 68 mile CX ride which seemed to always be into a head wind.

    PS, Tuesday morning to collect my lights Troutie 😉


    Blurred vision, hallucinations, etc, got home ate mats at, slept, woke to eat dinner, slept.


    Some of the descriptions above match what I feel when I’m totally done, but yours is closer to what I think of the “bonk” being, which I’ve only ever had a couple of times. Not pleasant at all.

    I remember a friend having to bail just before the end of a winter traverse of the Cuillin ridge (the most difficult mountaineering challenge in the UK), he and his partner eventually got back to the car and drove for about 10 miles before realising that the Hells Angels and guys on quadbikes who kept overtaking them weren’t actually there. He decided it would be best to pull over, get in his sleeping bag and rest before driving any further! The moment of clarity probably saved his life!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    A few years back now at Nant Yr Arian. Early start after a few too many drinks the night before and just a piece of toast for breakfast. Legs went half way round and a couple of power gels were never going to cut it. I remember that legburner climb near the end seemed to go on forever (walked it with my mate holding/steering my bike while riding his).

    I was that burnt out that my mate had to drive my car home. I spent the rest of the weekend eating.

    Lesson well and truly learned..


    I had it a couple of weeks ago towards the end of a ride, just started a rocky climb when I saw a flashing light and went dizzy, which is my warning sign. Five mins later my legs went to jelly and I had to sit down for 10 mins and eat an energy bar.
    The worst time I got the bonk was in the last 5km of a 200km audax last year, ignored the warning signs and pressed on, then had the horrible experience of my vision closing in on me as I was approaching a roundabout. I crawled the last few hundred metres to the finish where I was greeted by a lady serving cheese toasties, flapjacks and tea. It was like arriving at an oasis!

    Premier Icon trout

    mine was today totally ran out of energy 3 miles and 2 hills from home
    granny gear on anything mildly up . made it home and now just want to eat even though a sunday dinner has gone in and feel full , I am now craving more food is this normal ??


    As with some of the others I’m not totally sure I’m familiar with the process. I run low on fuel all the time, and I’m finally (I think) beginning to understand just how much I need to eat when out riding. But usually it is just a lack of energy that I can pedal through to a degree, albeit with less gusto. Bit of fuel and I’m right as rain in 5 mins.

    However, had one Easter bank holiday I think it was. End of the weekend, had ridden 200 miles over the 4 days. Not epic by any means, but coming out of winter it was a step up for me, there’s 8 feet of snow around the hills, 10 miles from the end I headed for the usually cafe stop, sat down, and I felt physically ill. My head ready to implode in on itself. Felt like I can lie down and sleep there and then! Wolfed down my food like I hadn’t eaten for a week before limping home like a wounded soldier. I’m guessing that’s as much to do with exhaustion than the bonk though?


    I’ve done it once !
    At Dalby after a heavy night on the ale the night before, I stopped off at McDonalds to fuel up on pancakes, porridge, sausage muffins and coffee, by the time I’d got to the end of the A64 I was doubled over in the grass verge puking !

    I started to deplete fairly quick towards the end and by the time the boring bit up hill and off camber came up that’s harder to peddle than the rest of dalby I started to cramp up and go light headed, I’ve done some of the toughest endurance events on earth and never had anything like that ! It destroyed me !
    I drove back home and was waxed ! I couldn’t eat anything and then I had a craving for salt n vinegar crisps and orange lucozade ! Half an hour later I was back on track !
    I got a bit of a mental block with it and often think “what if” ? So much so that I kept a packet of mcoys and lucozade in the cupboard for ages.

    Premier Icon Haze

    Never had it myself but passed a mate halfway up Clee Hill who had come to a stop and developed the thousand yard stare.

    Wine gums and a bowl of chips got him moving again…


    Had my worst ever yesterday oddly enough – 70km in to a ride along the south downs and about 10km from home, couldn’t climb any more, was confused and lightheaded. Ended up sat on the floor having flung my helmet in disgust. Took a good ten minutes and a gel I found in the back of my bag to get me up again – not sure what my plan was otherwise!

    In retrospect (and after a ton of food) it was a combination of bad fuelling/lack of fuel and a mechanical at about 15km which prevented me using the full range of gears so I wasted energy climbing the hills. I had nothing left at the end and really struggled home, more gels/bars next time methinks.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    A few weeks back, steady group club run to ease myself back in to group riding after pretty much 12months off a bike (2nd child)

    Chinese the night before and late in the morning so out on Cup of coffee and a pint of water.

    Managed 45 miles with help from a few gels but nothing could stop the pain in my thighs and general “Nothing left in the tank” feeling
    Had to bail out 10 miles from home and call the mrs to come and pick me up……I had nothing left at all, felt really bad for the rest of the day.

    General fitness had dropped off but not fueling properly is I think what killed me that day
    Not pleasant

    Premier Icon tommyhine

    My only real bonk was at last years mountain mayhem. Last to go in my (very average) 4 man team and just sat around all day waiting to go not really drinking or eating very much.

    Just going up the second to last climb though all that crappy mud and completely blew up (then realised I’d also forgotten to pack any gels etc). Thankfully a freindly competitor gave me one of his gels. A little sit down later and I was off again.
    Not a very good climber(to heavy) but good on the downhill meant I was able to overtake about 10 people on the final descent 🙂

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Last time I properly bonked was when I lived 13 miles from Uni, was in the middle of exams and had been at Uni for an all night exam cram session, came out of the exam feeling good then remembered the 13 miles back I had to do.

    I think I was about crying towards the end, worst bit was my neighbour laughing at me pushing up the final hill, oh the shame!

    I did feel crap yesterday but it wasn’t a bonk just the culmination of not getting enough sleep and poor nutrition for the last couple of weeks, knew it was going to be bad within the first 3-4 miles.

    Last (and only) proper bonk was over 10 years ago, could barely push the bike and even riding downhill was difficult. Had to walk, stumble, roll back to the pub car park where I was entirely revived with a steak and kidney pie and a couple of cokes. It was a horrible feeling.


    I used to do it regularly on the road when I was (much) younger, but I never ate or drank properly in those days. It was horrible, set off migraines and whichever way I headed home were always up long hills. I can remember lots of petrol station choccy purchases and much sitting down on the pavement. Blew so bad a few times I had to phone my dad for a lift as I was way too far from home to get back.

    Can’t remember the last time I really popped, big-time. Must have been a while back now.

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Went for a hill training session forgetting I gave blood the day before and I wasn’t that fit… Turned round and went home. This was about 6 weeks ago. This caused me to review what classed as a bonk and what didn’t, and what was just not eating enough pre/during a ride.


    Pretty much once a week, trying to incorporate glycogen depletion rides into my training a la Graham Obree. Though I suppose that’s more of a feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ rather than a true bonk.

    Just couldn’t get going yesterday, gave up after 18 miles only averageing about 13mph, checked my freehub, brake bloks, everything! Turned arround and realised it was probably a bit of a headwind and a slight uphill gradient as the overall was 15 by the time I got home but I’d lost motivation by then.

    Last propper bonk 100miles on the North Yorks Moors.

    Started at Teesside -> Saltburn -> Whitby -> Scarborough -> Dalby -> Whitby -> Teesside

    Ran out of puff just after Dalby, and began halucinating somewhere near Whitby! Somehow made it the last 30 miles at a snails pace as there was no alterntive!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Done it a couple of times. Nothing as bad as the first – added factor of a hangover. I recovered quickly afterwards after a petrol station face-fill, and I’ve been pretty careful ever since about eating enough. Like fuel in the car – running dry is pretty inconvenient!

    Although I clearly didn’t eat enough at SSUK – I was feeling OK, slightly heavy-legged from a big ride the previous day. About 2/3 of the way round, I started losing patches of vision, not going black, just stuff disappearing, like when the dot disappears when you’re doing a blind spot test.

    I felt physically fine to carry on, but I thought “If I cycle up this hill, I’ll probably pass out” so stopped in the sun and had nice long nap, which felt very much in the spirit of the event. Then ate everything in the backpack, got to Corfe Castle and pigged out on stuff wrapped in pastry.


    commuting home from work a while back, it’s only 7.5 miles door to door, halfway home it just hit me. Lack of food and drink probably. The day after I went out and did 60 miles not a problem!!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    1/2 way down the mega route, just as we went past the top of alpe dhuez, luckily, as I could barely hold on to the bike, nevermind pedal or control the bike properly! Was a horrible feeling!


    Mendips ride with some of the local showing me round, last bigish hill got off walked it had to lean on bike to hold me up slurring words, give a couple of gels and had a bit of water and made it back to the pub. 😀

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    commuting home from work a while back, it’s only 7.5 miles door to door, halfway home it just hit me. Lack of food and drink probably. The day after I went out and did 60 miles not a problem!!

    I used to get it riding home from work quite often especially if there had been lots of sweets on the go, similar length commut and mostly down hill coming home.


    Found a blackberry bush, and literally stripped it like a one man locust plague

    I would do this.


    A few weeks ago, only ridden 20 miles but on a diet and only had a really light breakfast. Got home 20 minutes later felt nauseous, light headed etc.

    Also happened in a very big way when I was riding in Cuba on a charity ride about 80 miles 50 miles in, sweating, could only manage to turn the cranks once then had to have a breather, light headed nauseous. Got checked by the doc, blood sugar depleted running on empty, stocked up on bananas and tried again but was too far gone to complete the day and got pulled out. Fine the next day.


    Reading this has made me realise that I don’t think I’ve ever bonked properly. I’ve run out of energy plenty of times and really struggled to keep pedalling but never so bad that I’ve halucinated etc. I’m much better at constantly nibbling on energy bars as I ride.

    The worst ride I’ve ever experienced was a 36 mile loop in the Peaks. It was just before I had a break for cycling; I wasn’t riding as much as I should have been so wasn’t fit and was a bit fat. I was also lugging a Patriot 66 round. About half way in I was at the back of the group, cramping up with no energy at the slightest incline. I was a mess. I think that ride really out me off cycling for a bit.

    Had it on the Yorkshire Weaver, about 5 miles from the end. Could just about pedal on the flat, but if there was even a slight incline I couldn’t manage it. Could barely walk or speak when I finished the race, thankfully I had prepared a recovery shake which was in the car, boyfriend had to open it for me and pass it to me because my hands were freezing cold and wet and I couldn’t even open the lid!


    Last climb of this years dyfi.

    Dumped myself down on the side of the trail and decided to empty my last bottle of lucozade into my camelbak bladder and crack on. Failed to secure the lid properly and it all promptly drained out over my bag and gloves.


    too many to remember

    out with 2 very fit roadies around south Bristol. Took only water out with me. Riding back started day dreaming about food, felt light headed and dizzy. Stopped off at shop where I bought a jamaica cake for £1. Ate half and put the other half in my jersey.. managed to get home abeit slowly

    Sleepless 2010 – My 6th lap in a team of 4.. half way round go light headed, dreaming of food, Turning the pedals very slowly.. feels like body is shutting down. Mutter something to my team mate at changeover.. get into our camp at 6am.. sit down. cant mutter any words .. consume a bowl of pasta, whole packet of biscuits, twix, energy bar, lucozade

    I seem to remember this thread coming up here a few years ago and hearing about some guy getting it that bad he was about to get his brake pads out and start eating them he was that hungry and desperate 😯


    Used to suffer on a regular basis, even when I thought I was eatin properly. Plenty of carbs night before, anda large bowll of porridge before. The last time I actually passed out when I got home after what should have beena steady 25 miles xc route. Ended up going to a&e where after numerous tests they found out I was Severley anaemic. Don’t suffer much now due to alot better eating regime, and regular doses of iron tablets.


    The weirdest bonk I’ve ever had was over Christmas. I decided on a whim that it would be a good idea to ride from the South coast to London to hand deliver Christmas cards to some relatives. I hadn’t really planned it and only had one ’emergency’ gel in my pack and didn’t have a lock with me so didn’t want to stop at a shop for supplies and leave my bike outside. On the way back (after about 70 miles) I hit the wall. I went a bit emotional and started singing to myself (like one of those nutters you’d cross the street to avoid) as I tried to pedal. A few miles later a traffic light turned to red as I approached. As the light changed I got a strong wave of emotion – a mix of anger and helplessness that I’ve only ever felt before when someone’s given me news of a family bereavement! At that point I decided it was definitely time to throw in the towel and get the train. Thinking back to it now it seems properly mental. 😳


    Only ever done it once during an MTB race in the early nineties. I was half a mile from the finish but my vision went and I couldn’t stand. Nearest marshal gave me a Mars bar and after 10 mins I was able to stand and eventually make it to the finish. It was such a horrible experience I never want to go there again. I’ve had the warnings of it a few times since but the full on bonk/wall I’ve managed to avoid since.

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