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  • bike storage question (adjustable forks and posts)
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    hi i have a set of talas forks on my bike and also a gravity drop post. is there any reason for me not to store it with the forks wound down to 100mm and the seat in its lowest position.

    it makes storage a bit easier like this also is it ok if its upside down

    i just dont want to damage any springs or anything or cause early wearing out of stuff due to it being kept compressed

    cheers mick

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Springs gradually take a “set” over time – in that if left under compression they will shorten. ||How quickly this happens and how badly I wouldn’t be sure of but I would have thought it good practice to store the forks extended.

    I cannot see how it would affect anything else but the spring and even that will be gradual.


    I’ve been storing my bike upside down and I have noticed a teeny amount of oil weeping from one of the legs. I don’t think the seals are designed to hold in oil when the fork is held upside down for extended periods. They are air forks, so I think the oil is the small amount required for lubrication, rather than damping fluid but I have now started storing my bike upright.

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    I hang my bike on a hook front wheel up. obviously springs aren’t compressed but I have read that this is good for air forks as it stops the seals drying out (leaks not withstannding).

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    Fox recommend storing your forks upside down every now and again to “re-wet” the foam wipers near the top with oil. Not sure about the seatpost.

    Storing the bike upside down will likely make any air you have in your disc brakes work it’s way up to the caliper though. Shouldn’t take too long to get it back out but they may be spongy to start with if it’s been a while since they were bled.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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