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  • Jamie

    Last time I used eBay auto classifieds. Think it was £20 for 28 days listing, and that was it.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I had my car listed on autotrader and eBay classifieds (with best offer option) recently.
    I got probably twice the interest from eBay than autotrader. Autotrader was also about £40 with mobile listings for 4 weeks, whereas my eBay ad was £15.

    I eventually sold it on an owners club site but might not work for the focus.


    Never had a problem with eBay, sold loads of cars, motorbikes and push-bikes that way. Local paper sometimes can work too.

    I`m about to sell my Ford Focus,which is in good condition and as of today has a fresh MOT. It’s done 54k miles and has a full service history/

    Where’s the best place to list it?

    It’s a standard 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 petrol hatch,so you would have thought , be easy to sell providing mine stands out from the multitude of other Foci (is that the plural?) out there!

    Are the ebay classifieds better than Autotrader?

    I heard that Autotrader ads can result in lots of unwanted calls…….

    A friend also mentioned Pistonheads, might be worth a go.

    I`m in no rush to sell as I have a new company car so I’m looking to get the best price I can get.

    Opinions and experiences, on the best way to go please?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I got tons of spam from autotrader but some good interest too. Ebay actually got me the sale, but that might just be luck of the draw. When buying ebay seemed to have a bit more movement but that’s maybe just because the listings are more often of a fixed length.


    Owner’s clubs are a good shout as everyone on them over values their cars. 🙂

    Premier Icon NJA

    I have used E-bay to sell 3 cars, use the classified advert option, always worked well for me.


    I’ve always put “For Sale” in the window and left it on a main road.
    I’ve never had a problem selling and it’s free.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    We sold my wife’s last car on Gumtree (within 20 mins, which must be a record). The last one we sold by posting on Facebook which was seen by a friend who then tipped off a friend of theirs who was looking for a motor.

    We also posted on Autotrader, but only got replies from there from fishy sounds folks who talked about sending their agent to pick up the car.

    I’ve put t a ‘For sale’ in the window as I live on a main road and also tried Facebook.


    If you could get Jamie to knock up a gif of a cheeky looking bollard holding a for sale sign in front of the motor, might get some interest on here?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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