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  • Best bike you have (ever) owned ?
  • sprocker – Member
    To many to remember all of them. The best = 2010 Spicy

    I haven’t had that many, but the 2010 Spicy is the best by miles.


    Had loads of bikes my current fave is the SC Blur lt 07, despite its frequent propensity for wobbbly bearing syndrome ( and subsequent cost!) tho my overall fave was my 98 explosif, sadly ebayd with much regret about 4 yrs ago


    series 1 intense slopestyle. Does everything.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    1987 Saracen Tufftrax
    1988 Kona Cinder Cone
    1989 Alpinestars Cro-mega DX (sold quickly because it was crap)
    1989 Kona Explosif (black splatter with track twos and suntour)
    1989 Kona Explosif (gold)
    1993 Kona Explosif (green with the tange ultimate ultrastrong fluted downtube)
    1998 Bontrager Privateer (post-trek – rasta)
    2003 Independent Fabrication Steel Deluxe
    2005 Maverick ML7/5

    I loved the Konas, but the IF and the Maverick are much better bikes.
    If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be the Maverick.


    1991 Emmelle Corniche
    1995 GT RTS x2
    1998 Trek 7000
    2000 Cannondale F700
    2004 Cannondale Furio hardtail
    2008 Commencal Meta5
    2009 Commencal Meta5
    2010 Commencal Meta5
    2008 Turner 5 Spot
    2010 On One Summer Seasons
    2008 Lapierre Zesty 714

    By far and away is the 2004 Cannondale Furio which has the black BadBoy graphics of that year. Ridden weekly since I got it as a warranty replacement for the F700. Has had many different guises over the years from lightweight XC machine to burly DH and is always a joy to ride. Currently hankering after a Soul but until this breaks (and it will) I won’t be spending my cash.


    In the last few years I have had:

    Saracen kili 97
    Sinister Ridge
    Ns surge
    Specialized enduro 2010
    Dmr rhythm
    Dialled alpine
    Chumba xcl
    Gt fueler 20″
    Evil sovereign
    Giant reign x
    Cannondale rush
    Specialized p2
    Kona Cowan
    Giant trance x

    Difficult to choose one. The NS surge and evil sovereign were both brilliant hardtails. The specialized p2 is the best bike I have had for jumping, and manualling.

    I still own the giant reign and have recently built the trance and love them both.

    It’s a toss up between the Sovereign and the trance x……….


    In no order.

    Kona Cindercone 89
    Orange Clockwork 92
    GT Zaskar
    GT LTS
    Cannondale super V
    Cannondale M300
    Zasker LE
    Cannondale Jekyll
    Cove Handjob
    Specialized Bighit
    Cannondale Gemini DH
    Specialized Demo7 2009
    Specialized Enduro Sworks 2005
    Orange P7 2010
    SantaCruz Bullit
    On-One inbred ss
    On-One Inbred geared
    On-One 456
    Surly 1×1 x2
    Enigma Ego Ti Current bike
    Commencal Meta SL Current bike

    Think their might be a few missing that I can’t think of.

    The one that sticks out is the Enduro Sworks, silly light, did 24hr races on it and a trip to Canada and was just a blast to ride.

    mr plow

    O6 Enduro – Still makes me giggle to this day :mrgreen:

    I’ve had very few but this one is exceedingly awesome:

    Definately my old ’92 Orange Clockwork. Just about to use it now for a shop run 😀


    1999 DeKerf Team SL, Pace RC36’s.
    God, I loved that bike.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I thought the point with Hora’s bikes was that they all had something wrong with them? Hence the never ending search?

    Mamadirt, which was your favourite?


    Best bike I have owned was my Rocky Mountain Hammer Race, closely followed by my current Soul..!


    Here’s a quick rundown of bikes owned.

    Raleigh Burner


    Raliegh Massif (nicked)

    Raleigh Apex (nicked)

    Edinburgh Bike Coop Courier (nicked)

    Edinburgh Bike Coop Courier Race (given away)

    Specialized FSR XC Expert (sold)

    On-One Pompino (current)

    On-One 456 Summer Season (sold

    On-One Inbred Slot-Drpout (sold)

    Singular Swift (current)

    next ????

    They all have their own pros and cons, I suppose I’ve had the Pompino the longest, and it’s had the most use. The Spec got me back into MTBing in earnest – I came of age on the Raleigh Apex – the Swift is a keeper, I can’t think of anything it won’t handle (within reason).

    Next?? Maybe a Cannondale Caad something? Or a Giant Defy?

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Cannondale cad1 with pace proclass2 back in 97 or cannondale prophet. Hopefully my next bike is better still yup another cannondale 🙂

    List can dale cad1
    Kona caldera
    Sun revolt gt
    Original kinesis maxlite
    Maxlite pro
    Deade virsa
    Voodoo wanga
    Coming soon cannondale …….


    Oh forgot I had a Prophet MX that was a great bike.


    1988/89 Wheeler 3500
    -> 1st bike and most emotional (long chainstays, high toptube, slack HA, short stem, funky Exage Trail shifters)

    1990 Trek 8000
    -> cool at the time with fat rigid forks an sprinkled black on white colour scheme, but still makes me avoid aluminium frames (harsh)

    1992 Breezer Storm
    -> most desirable, nice ride, but not great

    1994 DEER KB-1 -> my own project
    -> pretty much perfect then

    2011 Inbred29
    -> too small frame size, might have stayed, loved the looks

    2012 Soul
    -> my best bike


    I’ll skip the BMXs and some of the dross and list the good uns…

    86 Cannondale SM600 (still in the loft)
    89 Saracen Tuff Trax (full XT and M231 Mavics on that one, a cracking bike)
    87 Wicked Fat Chance
    92 Fat Yo Eddy
    93 Fat Titanium
    93 Fat Shock a Billy
    93 Mountain Goat WTR
    92 Yeti FRO
    Lots of misc Oldskool stuff for a few years, some good, some bad.
    Yeti 575
    Moots Rigamootis
    Independent Fabrications Ti Deluxe
    Cotic Soul
    Cotic Bfe ss
    Banshee spitfire
    Surly Pugsley
    Surly Karate Monkey
    Salsa Fargo
    Surly Krampus

    Favourites were the Fat Titanium and the Moots. Current fave is the Fargo.


    list of the main bikes i have owned through the years.

    1988 dawes ascent mtb
    1992 marin eldridge grade
    1993-4 raleigh elan steel road bike
    1994 specialized stumpjumper m2 ht
    2001 cannondale F800 with lefty fork
    2005 mongoose fireball (used as a runaround)
    2006 specialized stumpjumper fsr comp
    2008 swapped fsr comp frame with s works stumpy ht frame
    2010 specialized stumpjumper fsr comp 140mm travel
    2010 giant anthem x2
    2011 charge duster mid ht
    2013 specialized tarmac sport road bike 😉

    out of all those my faves would have to be the cannondale (i sold it in a moment of complete stupidity/i regret it to this day,it was awesome 🙁 the 2010 spesch stumpy fsr.the anthem and the tarmac sport.

    i currently only have my duster and tarmac now.

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Owned lots of bikes but the best-
    Cove Stiffee – great handling bike, loved to bits
    Litespeed pisgah – took it everywhere, even did Snowdon, and kept up with a few full suss bikes down the ranger path
    Current Bike- Santa Cruz Nickel – great FS bike, just a shame SC no longer wanted to market the APP concept 🙁


    76′ Grifter

    Premier Icon faustus

    2004 Rock Lobster 853 – Rockshox Reba SL 115mm forks, Mavic EN321 rims on xt hubs, M775 4-pot xt front brake – various colours.

    Wonderful to ride, could be used in many guises, travelled far including a road descent of L’Alpe d’Huez in 15 minutes on Schwalbe Kojaks. He fell in battle whilst descending the ranger path on Snowdon, terminally denting the chainstay. He lives on in my shed, and in all the memories [wipes away happy tear]…

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