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  • Premier Icon darrell

    the rucksack style ones

    any recommendations ?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    We had a Bush Baby one – it did everything we needed it to, up lots of hills and round all sorts of places. Comfy for me to carry and them in it. Worth having the ‘all over cape waterproof thing’ we found, we were less bothered about poor weather.
    We tried a (cheaper) MacPac model, but it had a bar across the bottom that dug into me really badly…poor design. The nicer, better Macpac was silly money.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    We have a Macpac Koala which is a sort of middle ground – not the full monty one but good enough to go for a decent walk. Fixed harness size and fits on as hand luggage being our key criteria. Works well.


    We’ve got a Littlelife Cross Country. It’s very comfortable to wear with my 2.5yr old, which is important as I’ve got a dodgy back. Nipper seems to like it, but she’s a bit of a giraffe so we won’t get much more use from it. Currently for sale if you’re anywhere near Salisbury. 🙂


    I had a LittleLife one too. Absolutely brilliant. Straps were just like a proper rucksack with all the various adjustments to make the carrier comfortable and loads of features for the little one. Very well made too with lots of accessories should you feel the need to accessorise.

    Cost me £90 so not cheap, but they go for peanuts on Ebay – I think I only got about £25 for it or something and it was in great nick.


    Littlelife the one with the adjustable back . Very comfy for me and the boy will fall asleep in it . He is now two and a bit so less keen to be in it and would rather walk. If you plan to use one get one that is a good fit for your back and has comfortable straps and waist belt. Children weigh a ton.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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