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  • Avid 1 leaky lever
  • Is it possible to fix it or should I just get rid as they have never been great and now just annoy me with their poor reliability.

    I just tried to bleed the rear but I could hear air entering the system from the piston side of the lever when pulling the plunger. It works for now (not great) but I know in a month or two I’ll have to repeat.

    Kind of a bump

    Can you run slx with an Avid Elixir rotor? (i.e. so I don’t have to buy a new rotor….yet)

    And where is the best place to get some SLX brakes from?

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    I replaced the lever internals after my Elixir 5 front went spontaneously sh*t on a recent ride (had otherwise been asbolutely fine for the couple of years since new – amazing but true).

    There’s a specific Avid kit for about £20 – might be worth trying that before splashing out on a whole new set? I suspect your mind’s already made up though 😉

    EDIT: It’s this kit

    Thanks, didn’t know that. How easy is it to do?

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    Pretty easy! I just took my time following the instructions and all went fine.

    Elixir 1 service manual


    Had exactly the same issue with Avids. Great when they worked, but found they rarely did. Swapped for Shimano, no problems since.

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    How do fella, this sounds too familiar to not be the same person we spoke to yesterday.

    Matt had looked up the older M666 code, rather than M675 code on the brakes – we do actually have stock if you were still after a set.

    We have found Avid to be completely hit or miss – I had Elixirs on my Ariel, one was fine, the other was all sorts of trouble. Sold them, went Shimano.



    Wasn’t me, avid pain is wide spread it seems.

    I’ve got mine working just well enough to ride tomorrow and then I’m going to sort it out for good.

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    Oh yes, there’s certainly a few Avid brakes with issues out there. The next question was that of reusing rotors, funny coincidence.

    Best of with it,

    And the answer is…try it?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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