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  • Anglian Windows – experiences please.
  • Rob_S

    Always been good for us.


    Thanks Rob.

    Just to clarify its the installation that I’m worried about.



    the problem with all national chains is who fits the windows, a good anglian fitter will be as good as anyone else, a bad one well…

    Plus points you should get a guarantee that is worth the paper it is written on, they are less likely to go bust than many of the small one man bands.

    Anglian used to be supplied by, if the sales director was ever in a car crash i would quite happily pop to the local garage to get some petrol and marsh mallows. Be more useful toasting marshmallows than anything else.

    The panels themselves are fine, just the business.

    Just a few points, watch for dark colours on south facing elevations, heat build up can be an issue frames can and do warp if badly installed.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    We had the whole house including a looks like green painted wood front door fitted by Anglian 10 years ago, installation was spot on and 10 years later not one issue.
    So I’m pleased with it, other peoples experiences may vary.

    St Helen’s Glass on the other hand seem to employ utter bellends who don’t listen to the customers requirements & disagree with the wife!


    Just got a great deal on windows and a door from Anglian
    33% cheaper than the next best local supplier, so a saving on nearly £2k.

    My preference would be to go local but I can’t justify that price difference.

    Anyone had windows fitted by Anglian and if so did it go ok.
    I’m sure the products will be the same, so it’s just the fitting quality that I’m worried about.


    We’ve had a couple of doors and a conservatory form Anglian with no problems. We did find the fitters knew more about what was supposed to be happening and were more pleasant to talk to than the management.


    Ok great.
    Good point about the fitters the local companies make a big thing about reputation etc… Its their USP and I don’t doubt that they will do a good job and will have a real interest in fixing anything that is not correct.

    With a national company I have the feeling we will just be an order number.
    No problem if everything goes well, but if it doesn’t….
    But 2k is a lot of money.
    I could probably negotiate a bit off, but they will never match the price.


    Yes, fitting has always been good.
    Windows, doors patio doors, always clean tidy and done in the time they said they would.
    Also after sales service has been excellent when we have had a couple of problems with door locks; they’ve got out to us very quickly.

    We used to have a good salesman too, who knew we didn’t want any BS and just gave us a price we were happy with.
    Unfortunately I think he’s retired now and we got some youngster who was your stereotypical double glazing salesman.
    We showed him out and didn’t bother!


    We had them round once for a quote, only interested in selling us finance, went to Everest instead on several occasions since and pleased with the results.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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