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  • acjim

    I recently had a pretty decent sized fall on some black ice on the way to work, put me on crutches for a couple of weeks and was enough to make me go to A&E. Last week I received a call from a company asking whether I’d applied for compensation for my recent injury (didn’t take their name down – damn), now is this a complete fishing trip or has news of my crash leaked out from the hospital’s IT system to a dodgy lawyer out there? They put the phone down pretty quickly after I asked them where they got my details from.

    Tin hats on!

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    I had a smash last year in the car

    About four months after one of the ambulance chasers rang to make sure I had claimed for everything I was entitled to:

    Me:”Given that I skidded into a stationary vehicle, what do you reckon my chances are?”

    Them: “Oh…erm….yeah….bye!”


    Hmmm, I got hit by a car whilst on my bike a couple of years ago, thinking back I got a call or two in the months after, just thought it coincidence at the time, but now you mention it it’s spookily suspicious!!!

    Mind you, they do have all sorts of leaflets in hospitals about suing the medical staff if they make a gaff so it wouldn’t surprise me if the details get passed on!!


    It is forbidden for solicitors to do this: – Conduct Rule.

    Some “claims farmers” do this and then try to “sell” the claim to solicitors for a fee. These claims management companies aren’t allowed to do cold-calling either. If you remember their name, you could complain to the Claims Standards Council

    I’ve always thought that if a case is really worth bringing, the person would have gone to a solicitor under their own steam.


    Not long after I broke my elbow i was stopped by someone in the street with a tie and a clipboard asking about accidents and medical treatment. I told him I was a nurse and before I’d even finished my sentence he was already looking over my shoulder for his next ‘customer’…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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