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  • Premier Icon crispo

    It’s getting to be that time of the year.

    My 3 year old ‘onethelite’ bike light is dying a death with it turning into a strobe on downhills now so I think its time to change lights for the upcoming night riding season.

    I really like the look of the Exposure lights with having just one unit with the battery in it. Are there any other bike lights similar to exposure ones?

    If I do go exposure what are people views on them? If I am using it as a bar light only which one should I go for to get enough power and light spread?


    Premier Icon crispo

    Bump for the daytime crowd


    What’s wrong with Exposure. If you like them surely that’s job done?

    I have a Lumicycle (good) and an exposure (good) and some cheap chinese jobbies I can cable-tie to my helmet (also good). The cheap ones though are now relegated to household torch duties.


    i like my exposures – got a maxx d and a joystick + 2 redeyes – have done for 4 year – they just work.

    ive certainly had my moneys worth out of them – i use them daily through the winter , and if im away working abroad the mrs nabs them to use instead of her cheapo chinese cree as she says they are better to see with. they have survived 3 strathpuffers and numerous other 24 hour races – they regularly get loaned out to mates through summer- they have had a beating and just come back for more.

    seriously considering a revo – if i only had one bike it would be a no brainer – but id need to keep the maxx d for my mtbing.

    ymmv but im happy – how ever i will disclose i did get mine at trade before i left the bike trade so that may reflect in my opinion on value.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Lupine are doing a few of their lamps with built in batteries now.

    Premier Icon richen987

    For an all in one light i have a Full Beam Fusion light, which is really nice, really good beam pattern, more than bright enough to be used on it’s own without a helmet light.

    It has a magnet on the wheel with a sensor (much like a speedo) which automatically dims or brightens the light depending on speed, which works nicely.

    It has a number of settings so is very tune-able to your riding and runs for about 4-5 hours or longer if you choose lower power settings, with approx 3000 lumens i normally run it at a lot lower and do not feel i am missing out compared to riding friends.

    I have had this light for just over a year now, ran it all last winter for night riding and commuting and it does the job really well.
    It is not cheap but it does work incredibly well.

    For comparison before I had Ay-Ups, which are great lights but a little lacking on power (but great for racing) and I have also ran the Chinese lights which people commonly link on here, which were also good as well.

    In terms of cost then the full beam loses, but in terms of quality of light, functions, quality of manufacture and company support as well as supporting British manufacturing then it is great.
    I had a problem with the switch and it was replaced with no arguments and they also paid the postage both ways.

    I think the main difference is the cleanness of the light you get compared to other lights I have had.

    I realise loads of people will probably say it’s a waste of money and you can get cheaper lights which are better etc but they are definitely worth a look if you are after a single light which just works all the time with out any hassle.
    So overall I have been very impressed.

    If your anywhere near Southampton your more than welcome to try mine.


    what about this guy,his stuff looks on the money,im just about to purchase a torch and a spot after great feedback by a few riding buddys


    have lupine upped qc waswas ?

    we had support from them via zyro at an event a few years ago where they took care of our lighting.

    we gave up – every lap their lights failed – so we ended up back on our own lights.


    Lezyne do some “all in ones” at around the Joystick level, bit cheaper slightly higher paper lumens

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    trail_rat – I’ve not had any problems with mine.

    I had some Wilmas I got off ebay which were fine.

    I then got some Bettys ‘cheap’ and a Piko for my helmet. They’ve both been fine for 2 years.

    They both seem to deliver what they promise, the Piko is a brilliant small lamp with lots of light as a spot and the Betty pump out over 2000 lumens of floodlight – with the larger battery I have on the Betty it’ll burn for longer than I’ll ever ride at night.

    I did wonder about seeing if an LED board upgrade to the new 4500lumen Betty LED’s was possible but I’m really not sure it’s something that would deliver me a better ride at night, tbh.

    Premier Icon jameso

    I have an Exposure Spark, had a minor faff with it but the weight, output and run time is great, enough for basic/low-tech off-road riding imo. Would look at the more powerful ones based on how impressive the Spark is.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Maxx-D here, had it almost 3 years, used for daily for commuting in the winter and MTB night rides year round. Can’t fault it, love the all-in-one aspect as it makes it so simple to swap between bikes.

    Have a couple of joysticks as well. They’re not great value tbh compared to the torches you can get off eBay, but I bought the second one a few months ago when Wiggle were knocking them out for under £50 which I was more than happy to pay! Not that bright but work great as a second light for night-riding or backup for commuting.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Thanks for the comments.

    I think it’s something like a Maxx D I’m after, just wondered what the cheaper alternatives were (if any). Seems like you get what you pay for so if I can pick one up for £250ish sounds like a good deal.

    What’s the burn time like? I’m guessing plenty if you toggle between power settings depending on riding type.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I have a current-ish Maxx D – great light, and good for 3 hrs on full. I use that with a Joystick on the lid – plenty of light. I fully acccept that there are much much cheaper alternatives, but Exposures are reliable, watertight and well made. I have had a couple of warranty issues over the last 5 yrs of using them, but they have always been dealt with efficiently and timeously


    Four4th lights.
    I have a Green LED Holy Moses and its very bright, can choose which battery and mounts you want with it.
    The green LED gives great definition in the dark.

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