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  • Alternative to the Soul, with swappable dropouts
  • _tom_

    I’m sure I’ve seen somebody singlespeeding the soul without a tensioner, not sure what gearing they used though but the chain looked tight enough 🙂

    I quite enjoyed the long rambling reply – found it all pretty informative and interesting, appreciate you taking the time.

    The forks I have are 140mm, so I’d be riding a slightly slacker Soul than you’re describing – possibly the best of both worlds, then. It will be for messing around in the woods and riding miles at the trail cnetre, so I think it should be plenty.

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    what about one of these


    I think an adjustable travel fork would work well on the cotic for many people, the problems I had with the 160mm on the Bfe was the 69 seat angle made techy climbing impossible, I could have wound down the travel but I don’t like doing that because my local forest has loads of wee techy ups and downs so it would be constant fiddling… best stick with something that is set at one length for me. The gears and the uppy downy post is enough to fiddle with!!!

    Right – dithering over, Soul ordered. Thanks all for the advice.

    I had originally planned to get an adjustable fork, but with the way my Soul climbs (straight post, saddle well forward), rails tight singletrack (attack! attack!) and descends over the rough stuff (big tyres, wide rims, dropper post down) with a 140mm 15QR fork I’m glad I kept things simple. 27.5lbs of fun!

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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