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    I’d aviod Peterhead & Fraserburgh.

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    Tomintoul – Cock Bridge – Ballater would be a great ride on a road bike.(Actually why have’t I done that yet?!) Then cut north of the north Deeside Road through Tarland etc.

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    While I think about it I have a great book with a chapter about cycle touring up here. I’ll have a look for the title…

    I used to do a bit of road biking round Grantown and Tomintoul area. The gradual climb up from Grantown to Tomintoul is good, great views of the Cairngorms. Watch out for the plummet down to Bridge of Brown though as there is a very sharp left hander that you don’t want to be doing 45mph into! Pretty steep up the other side too. Lots of climbing from Tomintoul to Ballater but you’ll be aware of that. You could also consider heading from Grantown to Speyside via the minor road via Knockando, Archiestown etc and then through Dufftown and then over the Cabrach, Rhynie etc and back into Aberdeen that way. Not sure of the roads that would be best to use to get to Grantown from Inverness – maybe head to Forres and then over the Dava? Dunno. Nice quiet roads though and I always found the surfaces tobe quite good compared to some of the roads I’ve ridden on in the central belt.


    Thinking of this for a wee bit later this year. It’s a corner of Scotland I’ve rarely passed through and I aim to put that right. My initial thoughts are to stick to the cost as much as possible, but is there anything I “must see” or bits of road I really should avoid (e.g. the A90 out of Aberdeen).
    Also thinking of returning via Grantown, Tomintoul, Tarland and the B9119.


    Not sure of the roads that would be best to use to get to Grantown from Inverness – maybe head to Forres and then over the Dava?

    No – go over the Dava towards Nairn, then after Ferness take the minor-roads towards Culloden.

    I’ve done this a few times and usualy head out of Aberdeen heading for the Alford road (or you clould head out the North Deeside to Dinnet and over to the Strathdon Rd). Then head for Strathdon via Kildrummy, over the Lecht and onto Tomintoul. Then head for Grantown on Spey and Dava. Follow the A939, B9010, the B9090 to Cawdor, passed Croy (careful here as there’s a turning which if you miss will land you down on the A96) then head for Culloden and over the A9 into Inverness. The last section used to be straight forward but there’s now a retail shopping complex so lot’s of roundabouts and traffic etc.

    Have done the A96 heading back to Aberdeen but only managed to Huntly before my guardian angel wanted a break and i turned off for Rhynie and some sanity.

    Had a look at my diary (sad fecker that i am) and it’s taken me 9 hours in the dark usuing this route.

    My choice would be aberdeen-tarland-alford -lumsden then up to tomintoul/dufftown. sample some whisky
    either through to grantown on spey or down to elgin and then pick up cycle route 1 to inverness.

    Or if you are feeling particularly keen,
    westhill alford corgarff over the lecht and then =down to tomintoul as part of one leg.


    tomintoul road is great


    I thought he was keen on staying nearer the coast? You could go to Dyce and ride the Formartine and Buchan way or national cycle route up to Maud. Then you can follow the cycle route to Turrif, Banff and on to Elgin and Inverness or cut off early and follow the Speyside way to Tomintoul (Obviously on a road bike you’d have to skip a few offroad sections!). You could then follow one of the nice routes already described back to Aberdeen.

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