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  • a trip to Morzine – costs? Trail riding or all DH?
  • Lofty

    I’m thinking of a long weekend in Morzine with a few mates, fly to Geneva, car hire etc I can work out costs but what about:
    – hiring a chalet
    – lift passes
    – bike hire
    – apres costs? Is it £7 a pint?!

    What is the riding like? Would be very mixed ability group and I’m worried it might be too DH orientated?

    Any help much appreciated!!!

    Go to les Arcs, its better. Mutzig from bar Robo at 5 euros a pint is worth every cent though if you do go to Morzine.


    unless there are 3 people in the vehicle its cheaper to fly.
    hotels can be got for around £25 pppn
    lift pass in 2012 was 101 euros for 9 days not sure on day rate
    AM bike around 60-70 euros/day DH bike anything from 70 – 130 .
    beer around the 5 euro mark .(but cheap as chips in the supermarket .

    Premier Icon akira

    We had a very good guide who took us on a variety of stuff dependent on the group on the day, a decent guide should be able to tailor rides to your skill level.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Chalets can be very cheap for a week, well under £100 per person for the whole week. A weekend will be trickier to find. Lift pass is around 20 euro a day or around 70 for a week. Bikes are 70 euro a day for a nice bike. Well worth taking your own. Beer is expensive but great after a days riding. We usually have one or two out then a few more cheap ones in the hot-tub or on the balcony in the chalet.

    There’s every kind of riding and loads of it. We take a very mixed group including newbies and kids and everyone has a choice of tracks. Great place for a mixed group. There’s even enough for non riders.

    We always drive, it’s cheaper and you can take loads of kit.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Do a search on here – lots of threads covering costs and routes other than the marked trails – flights and car you know (FYI transfers easy at €25 per person each way, you don’t need a car when you are there) – lots of small hotels easy to book in advance – we stayed in “grand tetras” via booking.com – bikes are about €50 a day I recall – plenty of rental places – lift passes are pretty cheap about €15 a day – you can find cheaper places for beers

    4 days riding will give you a good intro to Morzine and PdS – then for next time you can decide whether to go back or go elsewhere

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