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  • 3 Stolen Downhill bikes stolen : Forest of Dean PLEASE HELP
  • greenwood102

    3 bikes were stolen by some scum at around 6:30pm 29th of December around Forest of Dean in Puron (Around blakeney, yorkley, viney hill)
    A small white van was seen
    The bikes were a 2010 Santa Cruz V10, 2011 Mondraker Summum and a 2007 Blue Giant Glory
    My details:
    Mobile 1: 07810 851 380
    Mobile 2: 0778 5555 909
    Home phone: 01594 842 454
    Email: alfiegreenwood@hotmail.co.uk

    Noticeable features of bikes:
    Santa Cruz V10: Rear braided silver hose, red bars, seatclamp, pedals, and boxxer decals. Also no bar ends. See pics for clear idea of what it looks like
    Mondraker Summum: It was stolen with no rear axle, no cassette and no shock. Also helitape on frame, renthal bars, silver hubs. Also odd drotors, front is superstar 180, rear is 203 shimano. Also on swing arm an old tube is used as a chain stay guide. 450mm rear brake and axle adjustment
    Giant Glory: Bright blue frame, orange/gold front bars and yellow wheel

    Summum + Forks: http://greenwood102.pinkbike.com/album/Summum/ (If you look at the picture of the receipt you will see where the frame number can be found)
    V10: http://greenwood102.pinkbike.com/album/Santacruz-V10/ (Looks like the second picture)
    Glory: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/7538175/


    2010 Santa Cruz V10 Medium (Rear Ti axle)
    Boxxer Race *red decals
    DHX5.0 350lb spring
    Hope V2 Brakes, rear has Goodridge braided hose (silver)
    Front Wheel: Mavic ex 729
    Rear Wheel: Mavic ex 325
    Superstar pedals (red)
    Saint Hubs
    Raceface Atlas bars, uncut 785mm (red)
    Straitline 50mm direct mount stem
    Straitline titanium bolt Seatclamp (red)
    X9 shifter and mech
    E-Thirteen LG1+
    Superstar red pedals
    Funn Hooka cranks
    Hope Headset
    Shimano Sait BB
    Raceface Seatpost
    WTB Thinline seat
    ODI Rogue grips

    Mondraker Summum:
    Large Mondraker Summum 2011 (Stolen without a shock)
    Boxxer team
    Mavic 721 – silver hope pro 2 hubs (was stolen with no cassette and rear axle so may not be on bolt as it is unlikley they will be able to find a replacement)
    Raceface ride cranks
    Burgtec MK3 pedals
    E13 LG1+
    Twenty6 stem
    Formula The One in black (goodridge braided hoses are black, but there is a yellow goodridge marking things on hose)
    Sram X9 mech and derailleur
    Renthal chainring
    Renthal bars
    SDG Ibeam Bel air

    Giant Glory 2007:
    Front wheel is yellow and orange/gold bars
    Shimano saint brakes – the old type
    Shimano saint cranks – old type
    Big chunky Chromag direct mount stem – word chromag is written across the front of it in large
    Superstar pedals
    Big MRP bash guard
    Funn white camo seat


    I cant imagine how upset and pissed off you must be! I genuinly hope you get them back!!

    theiving bastardS


    Will keep an eye out in Monmouth, where I live., but bikes have probably been moved on fast and broken down. Sorry to hear the news.
    Dirt mag had a proto type giant glory pinched about a month ago. Scumbags.


    sorry to hear this.

    Herman Shake


    Stick something on Pinkbike if you haven’t already! So sorry to hear this.


    This is horrible..gutted for you…hope u have some joy sorting this out…hope bikes were insured?


    sorry to hear this – were they stolen from your car or your house/shed?

    I recently had one of my bikes stolen and can only sympathize with you, hope you get them back.


    Sorry to hear about this. Stolen from the pedleabikeaway car park were they? Best of luck in getting them back


    Cheers for the help guys. No we were followed home. Happens to alot of bikers who ride at pedalabikeaway. They were specialist though, they cut the seal on the window and just took out the whole window frame and then managed to pass to full bikes and one half bike through a tiny gap without making any sound at all. Yeah they were insured but id just spent building the summum about a week ago. Took about 2 months and it was my perfect build. I guess its just part of being a biker.


    Bummer. I hope karma catches up with them.

    Set some auto searches up on ebay etc for the frame and bits.

    Premier Icon psling

    Shit news 🙁

    You’ve already covered the point I was going to make that there have been a number of cases where spotters have followed bikes from Pedalabikeaway (and other centres) and taken them later. Local police did manage to trace and deal with one gang from Cheltenham a while back but high spec MTBs are a valuable commodity these days and more & more scrotes are after them. Unfortunately a lot of riders also like bargain parts and don’t question where they come from.
    So, two points: 1) be aware of vehicles following you from busy trail centres, 2) question yourself when buying ‘bargain’ bits.

    Hope the bikes are recovered and you get back out on the trails soon.


    Cheers guys. Yeah just had the detective guy over. They left a big screwdriver and come neighbors might have CCTV. Im more keen to bust the thieves than get the bikes back so they dont go and take more bikes


    Sorry to hear this 😥
    Hopefully the feds will have some joy with the cctv


    My genesis core got robbed from manc city centre on a busy summer morning they managed to use bolt croppers on Market street (the main street in manc) when hundreds of people were passing and no one did anything. The police were useless they said there was a gang doing it and upto 5 bikes were getting robbed a day but it wasn’t a crime that was a proirity for them. I never got mine back but had it insured but it wasn’t the point it was a new bike and if just got it set up the way I wanted it. It killed me to think some smack head will of been flogging it cheap in a pub. I now keep a close eye whenever I’m in manc centre cause if I could stop one other person going through what I did and kick the shit out of the person that would make me feel loads better.

    There was some karma as I work the doors and was working a rough pub and was asked to chuck someone out for selling stolen gear (He was a local drugie) He threatened to come back the a knife and when he did come back later and went for his pocket he got his just rewards and it took a few of my frustrations away.

    Sincerely hope you get your bikes back. The problem is they will only get a slap on the wrist it’s shocking.

    Premier Icon 559 bikes
    Premier Icon chakaping

    That’s rotten, good luck tracking them down.

    When you say “no bar ends” on the V10 you mean end caps I guess? I haven’t seen many with bar ends on! 😉

    Unfortunately a lot of riders also like bargain parts and don’t question where they come from.

    Yeah, this is the bit that I find interesting. How do all these nicked bikes get back into use? How many buyers know they are hooky? There must be twice as many dodgy bikes somewhere like Bristol as there are legit ones.


    Really hope you get them back. Its happened to me twice now, sends you crazy looking for them and playing over in your mind what damage you will do to them when you find them! Prob a good job you don’t usually find them…………thats if you’re a ‘retribution’ kind of skin like me!!


    Yeah sorry was written in a bit of a frantic rush! Yeah well these guys were professionals, my v10 was so distinguishable. I reckon they get sold to someone who ships them out. Custom bikes go missing every day and just completely dissapear, surely they cant be in the UK?
    Wolfie i know what you mean dude! My bike is probably locked up in some grotty shed, homesick 🙁 haha

    Premier Icon 2orangey4crows

    Best thing to do is to ensure the police have plenty of photos and details, and keep on at them. Considering what it must have cost you to build those, I’d also contact the local press and see if you can get some coverage there too.

    My nicked bike was being ridden by a mountain biker who must have known it was stolen, so I think a few bikers are prepared to turn a blind eye. Thankfully mine was spotted by some good souls on here and an observant police officer.

    Good luck!


    Yeah police have a lot. Good idea with the paper dude cheerrs. Yeah i suspected that


    Read elsewhere that a website “bike shed” summarises all bike for sale ads with pics. From eBay gumtree etc. Keep an eye on that and best of luck with recovery or retribution..


    Ah perfect, cheers mate


    Put a small reward in the paper, 100 quid or so. It’s amazing what one scrote will do to another for few quid.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Shit news, I’ll post this up on a local site.

    Slight hijacjk but relevant, I was in cheltenham’s Range store recently and was quite shocked to see them selling Boltcutters for £8 a piece and had about 15 in stock. Are they really thatpopular to deserve to have 15 in stock or are they expecting a seasonal rush?


    Sean thing is is that they were probably local and if they find out that the bikes are being hunted down the’ll get rid of them very quickly, @Bushwacked, yeah funny that isnt it

    tops 5

    I’ve seen bolt cutters for sale at a nearby market with a board proclaiming “as seen on crimewatch” ! 😯

    Good luck Greenwood


    Sean thing is is that they were probably local and if they find out that the bikes are being hunted down the’ll get rid of them very quickly

    That could possibly work in your favour, a little pressure may lead to them making mistakes in shifting them.


    Hope you get them back.But i am afraid there could be alot more dishonest mountain bikers around than you think!
    I use to do moto-x back in 1989 was doing an area qualifier in Somerset AMCA alot of motocrossers had been stolen in Somerset so police did a raid on the meeting.Found 2 Hondas 1 suzuki and 1 Husky which they had on a stolen list.

    2 of bikes had there engine numbers filed of and the other 2 frame numbers filed of.These were local racers members of local clubs so they knew the bikes were nick,why would anyone filed of numbers inless there were nicked.Just goes to show people buy this stuff.


    Yeah :/

    A mate was telling me about how one of his friends was being robbed but caught the theif. It turned out it was one of his mate’s brothers. And his mate had been to his bike shed before so just told his brother exactly what to do.
    If that makes sense… :L
    Yeah thats really why i dont what to put it in the newspaper i need to be as stealth as possible

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