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  • £200 budget wheelset, new or used ???
  • How heavy are you?
    Do you want to run tubeless?
    Is your riding style hard on rims?

    I would consider Superstar stans crest with switch hubs at £200 new
    or second hand hope pro 2 with Crest rims


    13 stone (i hope)
    Tubeless or not, either way not overly concerned
    Rims will take abit of abuse but mainly trail/xc

    And cheers for the advice


    If you are prepared to wait the right wheelset will come along in the classifieds

    I got pro 2 evo hubs on spank rims for 200, they were new.

    I would go and pick up the wheels though, you can see the state of them in person

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    Can I tempt you with some very nearly new ( used for 40 miles at most) Hope Pro2 evo Straight Pull hubs on Stans Crest rims? £200
    Even if not, I’d go for hope hubs if I were you. They last forever and can easily be changed to fit 9mm QR, 15 or 20mm maxle. Stans rim are, in my experience, easier to run tubeless than 717s.


    I’ve got a superstar wheelset, switch hubs with their AM490 rims. Not light by any means but not had any bother with them. Think a lot of the weight is down to rims and plain gauge spokes so swap them out and should be okay.


    I’ve just got some stans flows on switch hubs from superstar. £200.


    Hi All
    As above, I’m thinking used hope pro2 eco on mavic 717 or similar rim, or NEW from Merlin, same rim with shimano XT hubs.
    Just want a decent xc wheelset, bit cautious about second-hand.
    Any advice gratefully received.

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    I’ve got Superstar switch hubs inside a pair of mavic xm717 rims and they’ve been great. Just replaced the rear bearings after 18 months. Cost £220.

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    Hi I got a set of hope pro2 on mavic 819 ust rims? £160 posted?


    I;ve just got the superstar switch with Pacenti TL28 rims.
    only 2 rides in, but nice. Rims are a tad wider than flows and much lighter. Whole wheelset comes in at 1780g, and that’s with PG spokes.
    I will be tightening the spokes very soon though, seem a little on the loose side for my liking.



    Hi I got a set of hope pro2 on mavic 819 ust rims? £160 posted?

    Might be interested in these, could you PM or email me some details



    Cheers all got some mavic xc717 on hope pro2 Evos for 150 in mint condition, result.


    I have a set of crank brothers cobalts that I’d sell for £200′ can be seen on my pinkbike profile yeti-Baz

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