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  • 1×8, 1×9, 1×10….. chain retention
  • Mackem

    The front mech is keeping it on. You will drop your chain without it, but it might not be often. A cheap soln might be the superstar guide (I have no experience of them btw) or you could get an inner bash so that the chain is sandwiched between two guards, it’s what I did for a short while. (BBG do them, they are cheap). I’ll sell you my old one for postage only.

    Premier Icon pembo6

    Not sure exactly how to ask this question???

    I am converting my triple chainring setup to a single. Will be 1×8 initially.

    I only ever use my middle chainring (32t) and have never dropped a chain and I ride relatively bumpy terrain.

    Is the front derailleur actually keeping the chain from jumping off? Or am I just lucky?

    That may sound silly, but I dont see how a wide cage triple front mech can actually keep a chain from jumping off the middle ring (or am I being dumb?).
    Yeah sure, it will help keep it from jumping outside the large, or inside the small ring (if the limits screws are set properly). And help prevent jamming at the BB.

    I have removed the front mech, added a bashguard, shortened the chain, and installed a medium cage shadow rear mech (unfortunately not clutch).

    If I ride the same terrain, should I expect the chain to stay on? Or will it jump all over the place simply because I have no front mech?

    Will eventually get one of those narrow/wide chainrings. But cant afford for a while.

    This question hasn’t been asked before…

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    Front mech will work fine, it’s not wide enough to let the chain pass between rings – that’s why it moves across…

    If you want a marginally neater/lighter suggestion the Superstar guide is alright, I used one for 18 months or so, and whilst it rarely dropped the chain it was prone to rubbing and needed adjusting. Now got an E.13 XCX guide, and it’s fantastic.


    I have removed the front mech, added a bashguard, shortened the chain, and installed a medium cage shadow rear mech (unfortunately not clutch). If I ride the same terrain, should I expect the chain to stay on?

    It’ll probably come off quite regularly especially when you start pedalling after rolling through some gnar

    If you’re using your original middle ring, the ramps and pins will allow the chain to come off quite easily. Swap it for a specific single ring (it doesn’t have to be a narrow/wide ring) and also fit a simple chain guide eg http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=17282

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    I ran 1×9 for nearly a year with no problems whatsoever, using a bog-standard RaceFace 32T ring and the front mech to keep the chain on. Dropped the chain maybe 4 times in that entire period.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    As said above the front mech should work OK. If you are finding that is not enough then you can add something like a blackspire stinger to the mix as well.


    Mackem I will take that bash off u if it is suitable for 36t

    Premier Icon pembo6

    Thnks for the offer Mackem. I ended up installing a jump stop n-stop thing so won’t need the bash. Those bbg bash guards are great. Got the 32t version.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Front mech is a pretty reasonable chain guide- most chain devices are more or less a mech shape anyway, just tailored a bit more. Like Njee mentioned the Superstar chain device is cheap and functional but it’s a faffy thing to get working really well, I ended up widening the cage slightly with a washer to stop it rubbing but it worked fine other than the rubbing. A little bit more gets you the likes of the E13 or MRP 1X which are a fair bit better.

    Nothing you do on 8-speed will work as well as a clutch mech and one of these new magic rings (would they work on 8 speed? Not sure) but it can work well enough.


    My Bash is for a 32T.

    Actually, for a pathetic fee I can supply outer/inner bashrings and an n-stop. Bashes are for 32T.

    In general though, thick/thin chain-ring and clutch mech is the future. Works brilliantly.

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