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    Came up on a thread about 2×10 yesterday. The middle of the block is at 47.5mm, whereas a middle chainring is at 50mm. Hence to space it exactly so the chainring is on the same chainline as the cassette, you’d need a 2.5mm offset. You could space the spider, or I wonder if you could swap a bottom bracket spacer (assuming you are running a HT II chainring). Would mean the cranks are 2.5mm side shifted, but would you really notice?


    Thanks, interesting. Will read and digest


    I had the same issue and swopped a spacer on the bb to the non-driveside and removed the spacers from behind the chain device, this kept everything running inline and greatly improved running on top end of cassette. I haven’t noticed any difference in the cranks being slightly over to the left

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    Perthmtb is the man with the info, I’m just regurgitating what I read yesterday, so I can’t validate it or otherwise – but it sounds reasonable and makes sense.

    I’ve gone 1*10, with a SRAM cassette and mech and old XT cranks.

    I’m running a KCNC downhill chainring in middle ring position with a KNC 10 speed chain.

    The setup changes very well, (gripshift up front), however the chain doesn’t seem to mesh well when I’m in the largest two sprockets, it seems to be pulling a little.

    I put a spacer in between the chainring and the spider and now its only the largest sprocket that doesn’t mesh well.

    I guess I’ll try adding another spacer, however is this normal to need spacers?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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