Subscribe By Direct Debit

Setting up a Direct Debit to pay for your subscription is the most convenient way to make sure you continue to receive your subscription benefits without missing out on anything.

We can accept a Direct Debit instruction from you if you have a UK based bank account. Just fill in the form below, taking note to complete all the red boxes in particular. Once you have filled in all the boxes just click on the Signature box and enter your name and email address and then click the button.


What happens next?

You will then be sent a confirmation email. You MUST click the link contained in that email in order to verify your email address. Your instruction is then sent to us and we will set up your subscription in our system.

Remember that to be able to access our Digital Subscription options you must provide us with your Forum username in the box provided. We CAN’T set up your access to our Digital mag Archive without this information. If you have not yet registered for a website account then you can do that here.

Once we receive your instruction we will email or write to you to confirm everything including your bank account details, first payment date and the amount that will be paid. If there are any problems with your information you can call us or email us to get it sorted out BEFORE any money is taken from your account.

When do I get access to digital goodies like the MagArchive?

Because we need to get authorisation from your bank to set up your Direct Debit it can take up to two working days to activate your Digital Access.


Free Gifts

If you are a new subscriber we’ll also send you the current free gift once we have everything in place and your first payment has been collected. For details of the current Free Gift and the terms and conditions see Free Gift


If you have any problems completing this form then contact us on 01706 814397 or email us on Or you can click here to download a PDF version of this form that you can print, complete and return to us through the post if you prefer.

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