Jenny-Copnall Opinion

UPDATE - Chief Coach Shane Sutton is suspended then resigns. Here's an MTB view…

Mar 7th By:
An internet-powered lock. Whatever next? Opinion

Those crazy Dutch are connecting bike locks to the internet (or the Internet of Things). …

Feb 6th By:
Listen BC - we don't need medals, we need riders to cheer above all. Opinion

Dan Jarvis comments on how British Cycling’s obsession for cycling gold could harm its chance of any MTBers lining up in Rio next year…

Sep 29th By:
DSC01882 Opinion

Sep 26th By:
Interbike2014Demo136 Opinion

Chipps reflects on the bizarre location of Interbike, the end of show season and the start of autumn…

Sep 16th By:
Does it get much better? Monday Debrief

Jul 28th By:
Photo on 06-04-2014 at 09.27 Opinion

Chipps goes to the Sea Otter without enough coffee. And recommends it…

Apr 6th By:
collectable junk Opinion

Chipps wonders how long it takes for 'shed junk' to turn into 'collectable memorabilia'?…

Mar 14th By:
image Opinion

Chipps mulls over the changes that have happened in how the world's largest bike show gets reported.…

Nov 22nd By:
Bender2 Opinion

Remember Josh Bender? If you don't, then you need to know about him.…

Feb 20th By:
They're all at it... Opinion

A musing on that newfangled 27.5in thing…

Feb 22nd By:
peegreen Opinion

Jan 19th By:
DSC01270 Opinion

Dec 29th By:
IMG_3850 Opinion

Step away from the cake!…

Feb 24th By:
IMG_2513 Opinion

This is my 17th Interbike - and I've yet to master it... …

Sep 15th By:
You don't need training, or drugs to ride fast. Just get chased by lightning instead! Opinion

It seemed like a normal Thursday night ride...…

Jul 8th By:
Well, I AM going to be on holiday... Opinion

Jan 20th By:
IMG_6222 Opinion

Chipps goes to Torq for a fitness evaluation... …

Dec 9th By:
IMG_4520 Opinion

Chipps says goodbye to 12 years of Interbike (and exploding fountains) in Las Vegas. Next year, LA.…

Sep 26th By:
We'll be back to jackets and tights soon enough... Opinion

Don't want to miss the last good day of the year, do you now?…

Aug 22nd By:
That's not a real cloud... Opinion

Chipps makes it back from California. He sounds disappointed.…

Apr 22nd By:
No, it's all work. Honest... Opinion

Chipps communicates from beyond the, er, departure gate...…

Apr 10th By:
Mudguards out - flowers in! Opinion

Chipps in short sleeves.…

Mar 18th By:
IMG_3386 Opinion

Chipps goes to Belgium and Holland to watch a World Cup cyclocross race.…

Jan 29th By:

A quick look at the other end of the cyclocross scale...…

Nov 13th By:

'It will have been great' - describes most cyclocross racing, reckons Chipps…

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