First Ride: Lapierre Overvolt XC 2017

New XC Ebike range from Lapierre, including Women’s Specific options

July 1st, 16 1 3,990 Categories: News

Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon 2017

First Ride: Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon 2017

Yes, it’s an Ebike, but not as you’ve seen one before. Where’s the battery?

June 30th, 16 4 6,948 Categories: News

Lapierre Overvolt AM Alloy 2017

First Ride: Lapierre Overvolt AM Alloy 2017

New All Mountain Ebike with wheel size choice from Lapierre.

June 30th, 16 0 1,651 Categories: News

Lapierre XR 2017

First Ride: Lapierre XR 2017

Electronic self adjusting suspension on this redesigned XC bike from Lapierre

June 30th, 16 1 5,566 Categories: News

Nico Vouilloz Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon 2017

Interview: Gilles Lapierre on Ebikes And Why They Are Not Evil

Mr Lapierre is convinced by Ebikes. Can he convince you?

June 30th, 16 0 2,040 Categories: News

Issue 74 Bike Test Commencal Meta AM

Throwback Thursday: 140-150mm Trail Bikes

Bike Test: Commençal Meta AM 2, Ghost AMR Plus Lector 7700, and Mondraker Foxy R. What did we think?

June 30th, 16 1 5,694 Categories: News, throwback thursday

You're being watched.

Nico360 Brings 360-Degree Video To The Rest of Us

Would You Buy the World’s Smallest 3D Action Cam for £111?

June 29th, 16 2 4,352 Categories: Kit, News

Cyclotron Decals

WTF: Cyclotron Sells the Future- TODAY!

The future is spokeless

June 29th, 16 9 25,538 Categories: Kit, News

Performing a jockey service

Mud-friendly Jockey Wheels from Gevenalle

Jockeys ride horses, don’t they?

June 29th, 16 6 7,405 Categories: News

Matching without being overly matchy

Lightest Available? 2017 Cross-Country Models from Scott

849g hardtails? 1,749g full-sussers? Must be XC Time.

June 29th, 16 2 16,775 Categories: News

Olsen Lamb Side Closer

The Perfect British Bicycle? Olsen Belt-Drive Bicycles

Made for muck: Stainless, Carbon, Gearboxes, and Belts

June 29th, 16 11 8,833 Categories: Kit, News


Hell Freezes Over, Cotic releases thru-axle BFe model

First it went 27.5in (in addition to the 26in) and now the BFe has lost its QR wheels and gained thru-axles!

June 29th, 16 2 8,210 Categories: News

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