Accrington Bike Fest 2009 – It’s That Macaskill Man Again

The main attraction on the day will be a BMX & Mountain Bike stunt team featuring the YouTube star Danny Macaskill. The event promises to be a great family day out and is open to everyone, not just the residents of Accrington.

June 25th, 09 1,590 Categories: News

New Outdoor Bike Festival In The Works

What Tyres For Mountain Mayhem was not the only topic of discussion at last weekend’s 24hr enduro. Organsiser Pat Adams gathered together brand managers from across the industry in the Singletrack marquee to begin a discussion process relating to his next big project.

June 24th, 09 2,146 Categories: News

Britain to host two mountain bike World Cup rounds in 2010

We’ve just heard that Dalby Forest has won the bid to host the April, opening round of the 2010 Mountain Bike World Cup XC, while Fort William retains the DH World Cup in June (for the ninth consecutive year).

June 23rd, 09 2,557 Categories: News

Original Source Mountain Mayhem Results

All the results from all the teams and individuals from the weekend’s Mayhem (Including individual lap times)

June 23rd, 09 4,303 Categories: News

The Singletrack Classic Weekender – The Saturday

Rather than wait until the actual weekend itself to “debut” the race format, we thought it might be a good idea to do a scaled down version beforehand. Very scaled down. Just three competitors to be exact.

June 22nd, 09 3,707 Categories: News

Maribor DH & 4X World Cup This Weekend – Watch It Live on STW!

This weekend is Maribor in Slovenia for Round 5 of the NISSAN UCI DHI & 4X World Cup. Right now the sun is blazing hot, but heavy rain is forecast over the weekend, so this should make for some exciting racing as last year’s Maribor winner, Sam Hill, is hungry for another win here and not shy of a bit of water.

June 19th, 09 2,702 Categories: Video

Motor Vehicles Allowed Back On Some Yorkshire Dales Green Lanes

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) is disappointed at the outcome of a court case that decided to quash four Traffic Regulation Orders imposed to protect particularly sensitive ‘green lanes’ in the National Park from use by recreational motor vehicles.

June 19th, 09 3,359 Categories: News

New Nicolai – Helius AC

Introducing the 146mm travel Helius AC.

June 19th, 09 7,696 Categories: Kit

British Mountain Bike Series Round 4 – Crow Hill

After the ups and downs of Dalby Forest and Margam Park, in May, the British Series travels to the slightly less hilly New Forest for Round 4 at Crow Hill.

June 18th, 09 3,614 Categories: News

Missy Giove in huge drugs bust…

…and not the performance-enhancing kind either…

June 18th, 09 8,666 Categories: News

Guardian Goes All Bikey

The Guardian’s award-winning portfolio of podcasts will soon be welcoming a new addition to its ranks. The Bike Podcast will be the first UK-based podcast to cater for “everyday cyclists”. There’s not a whole lot about mountainbiking in it (which is fair enough really) but you still may want to check it out.

June 18th, 09 1,539 Categories: News

Tee Time For Mayhem

Our new T-shirts from American Apparel have arrived just in time for us to take them down to flog at Mountain Mayhem this weekend.

June 18th, 09 2,187 Categories: News

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