Singletrack Issue 52

Here’s what’s in Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine issue 52…

September 1st, 09 5,770 Categories: The Mag

Video: Canberra World Champs Practice.

Warning this video contains bikes being ridden at high speed and questionable music.

September 1st, 09 1,460 Categories: Video

Remember, remember, the 1st of September

the survey finishes today, get your votes in if you haven’t yet.

September 1st, 09 1,604 Categories: News

Fresh Goods

Headsets.. shades.. helmets.. lights.. more lights.. locks.. All today’s stuff is distributed by Moore Large & Co.

August 31st, 09 6,179 Categories: Fresh Goods

From The ST Archive: Everything Will Go

Every descent in the world was once unridden. Matt reveals how even the hardest lines get chipped away at and conquered. In time, everything will go.

August 29th, 09 3,262 Categories: The Mag

Issue 52 Trailer: Sim’s One Ton Weekend

For the up and coming issue 52 (as part of our “One Ton Weekend” series) Sim decided to spend £100.00 on building a pump track.

August 28th, 09 4,766 Categories: The Mag, Video

UK Santa Cruz HQ Robbed

Unfortunately Santa Cruz and Ibis importers Jungle Products had a break in on Tuesday night.

August 28th, 09 5,214 Categories: News

Charge Bikes 2010

Despite being in the middle of hectic preparations to get the Charge Arms ready for Eurobike next week, David from Charge Bikes has just sent over a sneak preview of their 2010 mountain bikes. Yes you did hear correctly, apparently their Eurobike trade stand is going to be in the style of a traditional British pub.

August 27th, 09 8,177 Categories: Press Launch

Mountain Bike Racing Returns to Lee Quarry This September

Here’s the dates for Series 2 of the Brownbacks Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing Series sponsored by Hope with three dates in the autumn. Races will take place on Sunday 6 September, Sunday 27 September and Sunday 18 October.

August 26th, 09 1,909 Categories: News

Kranked RejeKt Episode 7

Episode 7 Features the Chatel Mountain Style contest in Chatel, France. SeB Eee and his amazing mountain patrol are the kings of the French Alps. They have a vision of serious mountain riding that incorporates big mountain, slopestyle, dirt jump and DH skills all into one blast down the “Face”. Long live Chatel!

August 26th, 09 2,314 Categories: Video

Nevis Range Now Open For Red Route Riders

Scotland’s first gondola accessed red graded cross country route was opened today by Dougie Vipond, presenter of BBC Scotland’s The Adventure Show and keen bike rider. Singletrack sent Martin Steele along to the official opening to report on the kilted, red carpeted fun.

August 26th, 09 3,733 Categories: News

Byways & Bridleways Trust Score Another Victory

The Byways & Bridleways Trust leads the fight to save another bridleway in North Yorkshire.

August 25th, 09 4,006 Categories: News

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