uk gravity enduro eastridge (5)

661 UK Gravity Enduro Preview – Eastridge

Jon checks out the venue for a race series that’s going to blur the line between XC and DH

April 8th, 11 8,629 Categories: News


Fresh Goods

It’s the end of the week and a full weekend of riding bikes (in sunshine!) awaits. First up, it’s time for us to show you all the stuff that’s arrived in the office this week for us to test over the coming months. However, it needs to go through trial by internet first… Intense Tracer […]

April 8th, 11 15,078 Categories: Fresh Goods

MT8 lever body uses injection moulded carbon reinforced body and a specially woven carbon lever

2012 Magura MT8 Brake Launch

We’ve finally got to ride Magura’s much hyped carbon fibre MT8 brakes

April 7th, 11 11,656 Categories: News, Premier

Mid Week movies.

Midweek Movies

I don’t know why people hate Mondays so much, hopefully the glow from the weekend will last you through the first day of the week – sometimes it can keep me going through till Tuesday if I’ve got some pictures from the weekend  to look at or a Sunday scab  to pick. Wednesday is the […]

April 6th, 11 6,262 Categories: News, Video


Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender LBS Poster

Cut out and keep

April 5th, 11 3,210 Categories: Events


Calling Rad-Riding Women…

Join the Clan this summer as a stunt pro rider!

April 4th, 11 4,457 Categories: News


New Empire For The Masses

A UK made, 6in trail bike machined from billet aluminium?

April 4th, 11 9,239 Categories: News


Orange Five Pro Blackout

A limited edition bike with a touch of class…

April 1st, 11 10,639 Categories: Kit

Access: Forestry Panel want your input

The mountain biker-free panel that’s deciding the future of England’s public forestry want your input

April 1st, 11 6,372 Categories: Access

new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (5)

Fresh Goods

Two pages of shiny things, including big bikes, lovely big wheeled bikes, new tools, a new bible and a shock

April 1st, 11 19,546 Categories: Fresh Goods


Straitline Quickie Stiffie

Straitline reckon they’ve found the holy grail of trail biking…

April 1st, 11 5,484 Categories: Kit

Here, you can see how it meshes perfectly with the planks.

ITS Tyres Manufactures North Shore Specific Rubber

’twas only a matter of time before the wooden riders got a specific tyre…

March 31st, 11 4,878 Categories: News

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